Best Seed for a DownUnder grow

Hi Gang

A Mate and I are looking to take advantage of the 10x10 deals on at the moment in prep for next yrs season.

Whats a good seed choice for outdoors on the Sunshine Coast?
Should we wait, will there be better deals coming up later in the yr?

Very new to growing, killed my first autos with love, second go is in now and nearly ready for harvest. Second go, much better

Would like to try Fem seeds this time, will get a couple strains.

feel free to post a pic of your successful outdoor down under grow


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I was talking to a
Guys from melbourne here a couple years ago and he grew a few
Monsters of gorrila glue and blue dream … im in nz and super skunk grows well
But has a strong aroma so if the need to hide it may not be suitable … gorrila glue the same … white widow would work as it isnt as smelly …

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@yowie I’m on the golcoast just wondering if you can grow auto flowers through winter here

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I am south of the border - but would be thinking humidity and rainfall would be your challenges up there outdoors. Down here I’m growing indoors.
Welcome! :+1: :sunglasses:


@Blackmoon would probably know the best what to recommend, I think afghani descendants and sour diesel would do great there

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I`m not sure mate but was thinking the same. Was going to do an experiment, say leave 2 out all winter and bring another 2 inside for the coldest nights.
I still have plenty of WW autos, they will be the guinie pigs

I’m about 2 hours north of you (Fraser Coast), but grow indoors (too many pests and prying eyes). I found Gorilla Glue to be a nice, hardy strain. Just popped an LA Amnesia - from what I’ve read it’s supposed to be a great outdoor strain.

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Be interesting to see how you go​:call_me_hand:t3::call_me_hand:t3:

:joy::joy:that wasn’t a call me hand signal it was a hang 10 :call_me_hand:t3::call_me_hand:t3:bloody typo

I heard the white widow is good I think being sub tropical you want a mould resistant strain due to the humidity and wet days.

I found super skunk finished up earlier then my other strains …
But like I said before its pungent as

Super skunk & LSD worked well in SA but hell it is so smelly​:crazy_face::crazy_face: