Best Rosin press for table top home use

I’m in the market for a rosin press, anyone have one that they are happy with? So far nugsmasher og is the one I am leaning towards. Any information is appreciated

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I’m in the same boat, I’ve noticed a lot of the name brands are super expensive vs the off brand ones are like half the price so I’m looking to see what everyone thinks

Yeah, I noticed the same, now I need to know if they are 2x as good for 2x the price, I’m sure theres a cheap gem out there somewhere let me know if you find out anything good man and I will do the same.


@Hogmaster has a thread on pressing. Think it’s called pressing with hog

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Thanks man. I checked it out, super helpful.

@orb932 check that thread pressing with hog. Full of good stuff

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I had a buddy ask me about gummies yesterday and have been looking at it a bit. I just watched a Nugsmasher promo video. Pretty cool stuff!

Thanks I was looking for a thread on this.