Best recommendation for 4x4 dehumidifier

Hey y’all… my buds are starting to pop and I wanna keep the humidity perfect for these big girls… Taking suggestions for a dehumidifier for 4x4 grow tent.


I want a quality one… not run of the mill

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I know a couple people that run this one and like it. They run it outside their tents though because of the heat they produce

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Make sure it has a pump to push water back to an sink, nothing fun about emptying a water tray daily

I set my dehumidifier on a small table and route the hose to a 5-gal bucket under the table. Works out great and I only have to empty the bucket every 3 days in the summer when it is so humid. Some humidifiers don’t have a hose option, so if you want to do this, be sure to get one with a hose output. The hose on mine is just a 1/3 inch vinyl hose.


I’m almost positive I have the same exact one @MeEasy recommended and like he said I run it outside my tent in the summer. Doesn’t take up grow space and less heat produced inside the grow space. I don’t run dehumidifier if winter as it’s not needed in my area but it’s better to control the temp and RH of the room your growing in and therefore it will control your room Temps


So i bought this one…

Im actually going to jerry rig dry tube ventilation to the top external air vent… im going to run it out of my tent… im growing shrooms in same room, so just trying to adjust humidty inside!

How do you vent your tent? Are you exhausting directly outside or dumping back into the room?

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I have a six inch mars hydro fan and carbon filter in the tent. The ventilation goes to outside of room. The plan is to put dehumidier inside and vent the heated air out… Also has hose to run the water out to bucket.

Does it exit the home?

Heck no… I’m not letting cold air in… It’s just blowing the clean filtered air out of the tent… To be clear… Just blowing clean air into the room

With a proper exhaust it will not let cool air in.

Stating that you want humidity to be perfect this is crucial.

Example, let’s say you want your humidity 50%, but the humidity in the home is 65%, you will never hit 50% in the tent without a dehumidifier, as well because the humidity in the home is higher than you want in the tent you will be bringing in more humidity with your air intake, thus your dehumidifier will constantly be running. They use far more energy to condense the air than a fan.

Exhausting as much old humid air from the home is and should be your first step for humidity and temperature control.m

I have two rooms and two tents going. Each room has different climate needs but even here in the Midwest where humidity is ridiculous at times I haven’t had to run my dehumidifier yet simply by using good air exhaust methods. I do have dehumidifiers if needed but if I can avoid running something that takes 2-4amps versus something only needing .5-1A that would do the same.

I don’t have a air intake into the tent. Other then the cracks and when I open the door to work on them

I mean I could run it outside the tent… But I would rather not , because of my mushroom farm :mushroom::mushroom::mushroom::mushroom:… I’m thankful for your feedback

That is still intake. Whatever the humidity is in the air, that will go into the tent.

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True … Makes sense… this dehumidier actually works to your exact setting and will stop when it reaches 40 or 50 humidity. So , I did the research and there is a lot of crap machines out there… I would like to keep a micro climate inside the tent…

I’m trying to decide… trial and error. Mushroom farm has a humidifier… So maybe I just run that more often

Well it is your grow and your home, I’m sure you will do what works for you which is all that matters.

Best of luck for your grows though hopefully you will reach the solution you’re looking for. I know temp and humidity issues can be a pain to figure out at times.

Yes but that’s what I am referring to. If runs for 30 mins hits the setting, but then 10 minutes later it turns on again and keeps repeating this, that’s a lot of energy that could be adjusted differently to save money.

Same thing for temps, if you have a bad HVAC system each piece is running longer and harder than they need to.