Best Plant For Leukemia?


A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

“I just been diagnosed with leukemia. I need a plant that I can use. To make oil’s. they say using the oil’s, can get rid of the cancer. Please advise me, what would be the best plant . Thank you for your time have a great day”


Ill be right back with good strains for your condition


Acapulco gold
Durban poison
Id imagine our gold leaf
Sour diesel
Green crack
super silver haze
And purple haze
White widow may also help your conditions
Same with purple trainwreck
As well as granddaddy purple (GDP)
And purple urkle


I think the chronic widow would also be a good choice


I have stage 4 lung cancer and it has spread. I want to grow and make RSO oil and am wondering about which seeds to try. Need high THC they say and also will be grown indoors so something not real tall. Thanks !


You need cbd to help with cancer thc is for more of a high 2 different compounds lol


I am being told that to kill tumors you need high THC and preferably Indica.


Thats incorrect you need high cbds Ive helped in this matter before thc gets you high and is a psychoactive compound cbd is a non psychoactive compound that helps with pain relieving affects as well as cancer, tumors, and much more medical problems…I wouldn’t tell you that if it was incorrect

Indica will help you sleep sativa will keep you up


Thanks for the info…I am going to have to re think now.


Just look for something with high cbd content once found come back and ill be happy to help with whatever I can


Are you in a State that its legal?
If you are, you can buy some medicine from a dispensary to get you started on your cannabis therapy until your plants are old enough to harvest. Also check out what they have for CBD oil. And you can buy CBD oil here on this sight.


@Majiktoker I’m coming nfused as well. Cannabis oil is high thc and those who promote it do so for the healing nature of thc. They recommend indica for the additive effects and that also heals the body. Basically Rick Simpson said himself it’s the thc (or maybe combination of both).

Not trying to challenge you but definitely confused.


Or high cbd it all depends on the plants used to make them. We will clear one thing off the list really quick sativa or indica is the type of a plant, they can both contain the same healing properties (or be used for the same thing depending on the strain).

Thc or tetrahydricannibinol is a psychoactive compound contained in the flowers yes it takes you to a euphoric state of mind (indica plants) and a cerebral high (commonly found in sativa strains).

Thca is a non psychoactive compound similar to cbds can help with inflammatory problems as well as relaxation but will not get you high. When using oils Thca cbd are what you want. thc-9 otherwise called delta-9 is another psychoactive compound in cannabis.

The main healing compounds contained in cannabis flowers are Thca, cbd, and a couple other compounds these are the properties you want when trying to help medical conditions such as tumors, cancer etc etc

If needed I can provide much more info on this subject @Fever and your not challenging me.

Ps…keep in mind that every time you smoke the thc compound in the flowers is what leaves you in a euphoric or cerebral state of mind


Thanks @Majiktoker for understanding but I’d personally like to not have to type as much.

Rick Simpson talks of the many cannabanoids that are present and work together in unison to kill cancer. He also refers to the delta-9 position of the thc molecules and how his method of creating cannabis oil has been verified to perfectly rotate the molecules from thca to thc and becomes perfectly decarboxylated cannabis. This as he says is the healing properties that kill cancer etc.
Why is his position and yours so polarized?
This shouldn’t require this much typing


You can always shorten it up and i type on a phone as well if that makes you feel any better.

Our thoughts differ probably due to different extraction processes as well as trying for different healing benefits simply with 2 different extractions cbd extract is definitely a better healing compound.

Let me find my files I have written down and ill pm you a much more detailed explanation on my side cbd basically cancels out the thc affects helping them great a better curing compound when reaching certain temps in extractions


Thanks ill check it out!


from insomnia who best?