Best place to find Regular Seeds?


Question from a new grower.
I have been doing my homework and trying to learn as much as possible. In all my reading I keep seeing that a regular seed will produce a better mother plant. Now as I don’t know anything! I was wondering if it is true? Only because I want to have a few different mothers I really like and make clones.

Also if this is true can I find good regular seeds here at ILGM? Browsing around I have yet to see many.
Or would you have a good seed bank in mind to find REGULAR SEEDS?

Thanks for all the help, happy smoking!


Feminized seeds make fine mother plants, I haven’t had any problems with cloning any feminized strain from here yet.

Regular seeds are more often needed for the males or in special instances for a breeding program, either way, it is more so needed if you plan on actually pollinating and creating your own seeds in a breeding program.

We do have a decent selection of well established stable strains in regular seeds, northern lights, superskunk and white widow are famous strains that make up a good amount of the heritage of currently popular mainstream strains, excellent addition for anyone’s breeding program.


Well that’s nice to know! Now I feel reassured I’ll be just fine with cloning a fem mother. Someday I will try and breed but for now I just want to grow some decent smoke. Hence its my first grow. Thanks a lot MacG! As always you all rock! PEACE!


I have a nice Jack Here MOM form an ILGM regular seed.

My personal choice is regular seeds too.


What r good genetics for indoor growers by ILGM seed bank?