Best place to by seeds not sold here?

Can some one tell the best place to buy white runtz ? the cheapest Ive seen the for 400 for ten and I seen them 10 for 80$

Man i know someone on another site who i guess had the orig white runtz. Might have go get with him on a few seeds lol. I have white runts mixed with galactic god right now

I just searched for “White Runtz Seeds” on Bing and saw several places.
I cannot say if they are reputable stores tho.

I bought from seedsman and it took a long time to receive but I got it finally

I don’t know if they have that specific strain but they are not a sham, just slow

Check Seed City.
Think they have them.
I’ve never shopped there.
They have a 4.7 rating on trustpilot. If that means anything.

The DSS has Purple Runtz.