Best Place To Buy DIY LED Grow Light Supplies?

Really want to make my own full spectrum LED light. Was hoping I could get some advice as to where the best place is to buy my materials. I tend to go overboard when searching the web for the best price/material ratios and I’m sure there are more experienced growers out here that have done the extensive research themselves. You’d be saving a dude alot of time, headaches, and internet distractions if you could point me in the right direction lol

(Good customer service)
(Cheaper…poor customer service)

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Gracias amigo

You can mention sites by name, but posting links to unaffiliated sites is not allowed. It’s primarily to prevent people from getting scammed by bogus/spoofed links. I don’t believe Digikey or Alibaba are affiliates.


I thought they all were since i was told about both of them by moddrators but sure man

I’m only guessing, but since the policy is about trust, it makes sense that trusted moderators can post links we shouldn’t; it isn’t clear whether they told you the name of the sites, or directly linked to them, so maybe they’re following the same rules as someone else.

It was a few months back, but a newish member posted a link to a great deal on lights, and at least one other member followed and lost $500 to a scam. It’s nothing personal. It’s about good digital hygiene.