Best pain management auto

Looking for suggestions for autos good with pain management for Leukemia. Appreciate any help!


For high THC strains I would suggest Blue Cheese, Grand Daddy Purple, Critical Mass, or Girl Scout Cookies. For a balanced strain that doesn’t get you real high I like Cannatonic, AC/DC, Blueberry CBD auto, and Harlequin auto @Solly. Hope that helps. I’ve been growing for 5 years searching for the perfect pain strain. Still searching.


I used gg a while. Great edibles/hash/concentrates. Just switched to runtz for a try. Also I have a Cream and Cheese coming up. Supposed to be around 18%cbd 20+% thc. If that works oit will be the main grow. The gg was nice. Good analgesic and a great sleep aid.


Appreciate the input!!

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Also and im new but you can also harvest a little later where you get more amber trichomes should help. Will have more CBD ,g , n etc and would probably be better for pain relief.


Durban poison, chocolope, or purple punch


I grow lots for my mother in law. Her favorite sativa is Blue Dream, her favorite Indica is Girlscout Cookies. Both help her with small fiber neuropathy, which renders her unable to do basic stuff like stand on her feet or use her hands without incredible pain. The two strains I mentioned definitely allow her to do her thing on a more regular basis with minimal pain. White Widow also helped - but mostly puts her to sleep.

Another she likes but isn’t an auto is Cinderella 99.


:point_up_2: my go to, and what a few vet buddies I grow for like :love_you_gesture:


My go to strains for my CIDP are White Widow and Grand daddy purple. both are great for pain and help sleeping…

+2 for harlequin! Not a debilitating high… Doesn’t quite open the top lid to space cadet camp, but lays a ton of CBD warmth behind the eyes. ILGM has both photos/autos

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A good strain for daytime pain managment for is Super Lemon Haze (found here as an auto), and an evening one is Geist OG (which is an auto fem from another company). OG Kush is a good overall strain but not sure if it is offered as an auto? All the above ones listed by others are good choices, too. For good pain management, if you look for strains with myrcene (think good to relax at nighttime), caryophyllene, and limonene together, it will be good to try for pain. Sorry about the diagnosis, leukemia can be hard on the patients. (I am an oncology nurse of over 12 years experience, and studying cannabis medication. I’m here for ya!) Good luck, dear traveller.

Thanks so much for your suggestions!