Best over the counter soil and fertilizer

I’m a newbie and was wondering what is the best soil and fertilizer for a new grow black widow strain?

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Good luck with this question @Dman1969 , so many good fertilizer’s out these days it’s more of how much you want to spend…fox farms, advanced nutrition, nectar for the gods, that’s just the 3 I have messed with a good bit, except the last one which I’m still learning on it but so far I really like what im.seeing, soil, fox farms happy frog and ocean forest are what I use, a few on here use promix, that’s another list that’s hard to pin down but I have had awesome results with Fox farms! Hope this helped somewhat


Budget , budget , budget… lol
What you have to work with , is what you have to work with… :grin:
Sorry … like stated above… so many different answers to your question… if you choose a super soil … anything goes… dwc … lots of different options… really , skies the limit… :grin:
Ok , after some thought , you should download the free grow bible from this sight… lots of good info… :grin:


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I bought miracle grow guess that was a bad idea

@Dman1969 I like the promix bx you can control the nutrients there is enough to get the seeds going till they are ready for nutrients is the key it’s 20 bucks for a big Bag . The fox farm works great to but you get 3-4 times more promix and it’s still cheap but you can grow start to finish with the fox farm with very little to no nutrients. I’ve never tried using Miracle grow at least not for cannabis way too hot


I guess I better change soil. They broke ground this morning and are already a half inch tall I thought it was goin good.

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And I just planted them three day ago that sux. Thanks man

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No its not a bad idea, I’ve grew pounds and pounds in mg it’s just not what I like now, but it will get you by…@dman1969


@Dman1969 if there going good keep them going like @Sittingbull64 said it can be done I’ve just never personally used it just keep a eye on them


Thanks man I’m gonna see what happens like I said I’m a newbie

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I make my own living soil and add worm castings and molasses when needed and i do just fine😎


Very awesome


In jus two weeks

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As stated, mg is too hot for cannabis. Those time release fertilizers keep melting and melting. Adding nutes will burn your plants if you’re not careful and you can’t effectively flush before harvest.

I used mg on my first grow; not knowing any better. The plants grew huge but the taste… :nauseated_face:

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Should I change the soil or jus go with it and learn from my mistakes?

It’s early enough. Grab some fox farm ocean Forrest, or pro mix if it’s available. You don’t need to get all the miracle grow soil off your plant, be gentle with it, and transplant into a better mix. :+1:

As for nutrients. Fox farm trio is good beginner nute. It’s not too expensive, and almost every grower has tried it. So there’s lots of experienced advice.

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I’m growing black widow. How long is the vegetive state I’ve heard a few different times. I’m new at this forum and if I’m off topic I’m sorry.

Are you growing indoors or outdoors? Auto or photo?

If you’re growing photos indoors you can leave them in veg almost indefinitely. As long as you keep the lights on 14+hrs/day they stay in veg. Most people switch the light schedule over to 12/12 after 2-3months. It all depends on how big you want them to get.

I find that photos get a little finicky after 3-4months vegging in soil.

Indoors and there feminized. I been leaving the lights on about 20 hrs a day and there three weeks old.

I’d suggest changing the light schedule to 12/12 after 2 months. It’ll be the easiest route for your first grow. Unless you want them bigger, then go longer.

The longer you go the more likely the plant will get finicky. You’ll also need more light for a bigger plant, and plan on a bigger pot as well.