Best nutrients for new grower

Hi fellow growers wondering what is best nutrients for growing. I have seen a nutrients kit for veg and bloom. And preferably something that’s in Australia that I don’t need to break the bank for. Peace

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Not sure if it’s available over there but when I started I used fox farm trio I got it from Amazon the quart size is plenty for a couple grows of 2-3 plants. The schedule is already at half strength, it says by the week but I always used it every other time I watered. I’ll try to upload the soil feeding schedule but I’m new on here and haven’t tried to put any pics yet and I’m not to tech savvy lol so that doesn’t help

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Lol @MeEasy thanks mate I’ll have a suss around what’s available

Your welcome sir. One more thing the trio is the three green lines on there

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Look for Jack’s, ff trio, or dyna gro (foliage plus,bloom,pro tekt, and calmag) or if your doing soil or a compost blend you can do organics


I would look into jacks. It’s the same dose from seed to harvest

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Woosh you weren’t kidding about limited supply of ferts(I just looked into Amazon au its bad) your best bet is the organics path , the best I could find is amgrow blood and bone looks like it could get you through most of the grow I’d also make sure to give your girls 1/4 Tbsp molasses and 1/2Tbsp epson salts every watering starting week 2 double that for flowering (for the cal mag) I wish I could help you more but your options are just so limited 13418937_1155318511199390_4835966118892799805_n-311x500

There’s lots for growers from there Uh @Enlightened420.

Admittedly it was difficult to source products in the beginning, but then I realised we have our own brands and products of just as good quality.
Here’s what I use, I source all of my organic nutes from OGS organic gardening solutions. com

I have completed a grow using 95% of this producers products only the other 5% was ilgm nutes, which can also be sourced in Australia…

Good vibes, keep it green :v:

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