Best MJ strains for LED

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“What strains do best under LED?”

It’s not a matter of what strains do best under LED lighting. As long as the light is sized appropriately for the space. I’m assuming this is an indoor grow, so the customer would probably do best with an Indica dominant strain. Of course they can also grow Sativa dominant strains if they are comfortable with different training techniques, such as LST, topping, and scrogging.

Regardless of what strain they choose, they will want 32w - 38w of light per square foot with LED lighting. Also, those wattage ratings are in terms of actual draw, not the equivalent wattage.

On average the actual draw of LEDs is 40-60% of the stated wattage. So a 300w LED has an actual draw of 120w - 180w. Just check to confirm if the stated wattage is actual draw or equivalent watts before deciding what size LED to go with.

To the original question though… strain doesn’t really matter. I am growing Bubblegum (fem) under LED right now. A lot of people say autos do well under LED, but again… it doesn’t really matter.

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It can be somewhat confusing to size led’s as they have this rating of output compared to an HD light but it just makes it harder on all of us.

i use leds and i have grown white widow, blueberry yum ,super skunk, gold leaf, strawberry yum and pineapple loved that won too all grew well i use a 300w mars hydro and a 600w mars hydro to bloom a grow in media works great

What size tent do you have? I have a 600w Higrow 12-band that I run at 300w (veg only mode) during veg and full spectrum during bloom. My tent is 4.89 square feet (22 x 32 x 57 inches).

i use a 5’ x 7’ area using the same way you do i use a light mover too.

Wow. With a tent that size I figure you would need 4 of those lights. I guess that light mover is doing what it’s supposed to!

What light mover do you have? Can you post a pic of your setup?

i don’t use a tent i have my area surround by 50" mylar my light is capable of covering 48" x 48" and on the light mover it puts 50% light on half at a time 2 minutes on one end then 2 minutes on the other end it works well this will be my first scog i have spent a year just trying different ways now with the help from some top growers i going all out and well send some pictures soon just transplanted to 7 gallon air pots and top them then gave them some tea there looking great

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