Best methods for harvest/drying auto NL

This is my 1st grow & have been reading so many different ways of harvesting & drying, so wondering what most of you ppl do with good results? I just read Roberts guide about drying in the same room as the veg room but I thought the room needs to be cool/dark? My current grow room is an outdoor cedar shed converted but since I started new plants that are several wks into flower & then I have 3 that have a couple wks to go til harvest so I don’t know if I need to dry them in another room thats cool/dark?
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Yeah a cool dark place with air moving would be great .

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also depends on your climate i sometimes have to add heat via a fan heater to the room or cool down depending on time of year ,i work with around 28 degrees max and min 1 week prefer 2 weeks for a good cure with gentle air movement to prevent mold and i hang it when cooler and box it when hot .

I’m in the pacific northwest, so it’s pretty cool & wet this time of year. I’m planning on hanging indoors (spare bedrm closet) fans going. I am wondering about the actual cutting down & hanging upside down part- do most leave the fan leaves, etc on while they’re drying?I’ve watched so many different videos & read different methods so what the best for a 1st timer like me?
Thanks! Mari

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Same here saw video on the tube where this guy hangs upside down with leaves on… kinda of didn’t make any since looked like it would prevent buds from drying or at least take longer I got but 2 weeks left before cutting them for hanging let’s wait and see what the experts say

You hang them upside down in a brown bag that really helps drying them slowly and no added moisture if humidity gets higher where you hang them . If possible you can also hang them in your flower tent with no lights on for 14-20 days , than jar it for another 10 days .


Do you remove the leaves before hanging them or after?
yeah I was going to use my growing shed but have more plants flowering now so have to use my bedrm closet for drying.
Thanks for the input :relaxed:

I trim most big leaves off and precisely trim crystal cover smaller leaves enough but not totally , it becomes loose when dried to give a quick test of potency .

So you hang the whole plant inside a paper bag?

Yes and wrap it slightly , used Scott tape if needed , but I rather in the tent for 7 days with lights off has been the best way .

Yoshi I ordered this from amazon to hang from tent so if I close tent up for time period this should be ok and don’t need paper bag and keep little 5" fans on low


That’s awesome , I need one of those , what’s is the link or name of the hanging clip . Yeah I just hang my finish buds in tent with out any lights for 7 days with just fans and scrubber on same setting for flower . Than put in jars for another 10 days .

Iceberg that’s perfect for the grow tent , 72-78 degrees for 7-10 days that would be perfect for hanging even in a small closet !!!

Whitmor 6171-844 Clip and Drip Hanger with 26 Clips

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Thk s bro got idea from Will

Thank both of you guys , it’s perfect to dry .

When I start to harvest I start cutting a branch on my plant from up top and work my way down. I cut the buds off the stem or if I’m in a hurry I leave them on stem and lay it on my drying selves. I have a fan in room on low NOT facing the hacks. I leave till the twigs snap then move to paper bags. For a few days then to jars. For 1 or 2 weeks and burping the jars a few times a day.
Everyone is different.


Hi- so when you start cutting the branches, from the top, do you complete that all in 1 day?

I have one like that for drying my clothes, a little smaller version, but that’s a good idea!

I think that will solve are problem I brought 2 for 4 plants should be enough just got to make not to crowded