Best method for ILGM WW?


Whats up guys, my WW are a few days old now and all germed great! Now that I am on my second indoor grow, I am ready to get a bit more technical and I wanted to hear what methods of training, soil mixtures and so on for this particular strain. I have 4 WW and an AK 47 about to go under 2 galaxy hydro 300 watt leds along with help from a multi spectrum of cfls. Grow space is not too limited and I have enough overhead to get morw creative, so those of you that have grown this strain and can help me out that would be great. I really want to master the LST and proper trimming and I know that varies depending on method, so I am all ears guys and girls!:evergreen_tree::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Cant really help because I’m in the same boat my girls are sprouted and I’ve never grown this strain before should be fun. I will be watching bro good luck.


The ww are tough and forgiving great little plant but it is also the only strain I have grown. Getting ready to start another soon


I have grown this one before and man if you don’t prune before you go into flower you will regret it. I have the same type of lights just a different name a mars 11 400 and a mars 300 and the light penetration wasn’t getting through the thick canopy and yellowed out all undergrowth and middle of the plant. You can check it out in my grow journal called strawberry kush and white widow and the one I’m doing now is called Bobbybs white widow and unknown and check out the difference other then the scrog screen…that’s my 1/2 a cent lol I hope it helps


I had success with WW autos, currently growing Gold Leaf.

Be sure and post plenty of pics. Is she a couple weeks old yet? Because if so, go ahead and bend her over! You can get the LST started right away, and I even topped a WW auto at 2 weeks with good results! No rush if she’s a photo though. :wink:

I’ve experimented with both “topping” and “FIM,” and personally, I say go for topping. FIMing sounds great, right, 4 heads instead of 2? But the results I’ve gotten have been unreliable, and if you screw up the FIM, you might not get ANY new growth! That happened to me once. So yeah, definitely top it though! A couple of times.


Hey @THSee. I would suggest topping and scrog. That is just my grow method should be good for WW. With the scrog you can keep your tops pretty well separated which should be helpful when they get dense canopy wise. WW and BD are what I’m going to be to next.


Hey Bobbyb, I understand what you mean about the light penetration. What I did since my tables have these holes large enough for a lightbulb base and have cfls on the ground level to aid in the lower flower growth. It worked but would have been more beneficial if I thought of it earlier. Sounds great though, I think a top and trim would be excellent. Now if I am planning on switching to flower on the 4th week of veg, does that mean I need all of my trimming and topping early in the 3rd? I know they need time to heal but I wasnt sure if that pertained as much toward autoflower strains. Thanks bobbyb



Are they autos? WW autos take 12-13 weeks, so if you do top it, I’d just do it once, by the 3rd week. And they’ll auto-flower on their own around the 5th week or so.


Sorry didn’t know they were autos scratch everything I just said.


I have autos ww and bb also have some that are not autos what questions if any you got ?


I have a question for ya, do you think that one light he has 300w is enough for 5 plants?


I personally think He could stand to have another one unless it’s like a top shelf 300 W LED if he’s pulling 275 out of the 300 LED then he should be fine but if it’s a generic even mars if it’s only one light the more light the better for the plant I’m not an expert on the LEDs but I have 1500 W total out of four lights @yoshi knows a lot about lights


300 will not be enough to get much coverage over 5 plants , maybe 3 -4 would be best .


I have 2 300 watt leds so i should be solid with 5 plants but my major concern is sog and lollipop or top and trim or super crop for a scrog? I have only slightly trained and super cropped when i absolutely had to because of height or removing pointless growth. Other than that the wide world of techniques are all new to me.


I have 2 300 watts, sorry i didnt add that info…thought i did but i edited that post as well.


Hey thanks for all the info guys. I know the 2 lights I have dont push what the manufacturer says it does and i know thats decently common for led grow lights, but do ya think it should be solid for 5 plants. Ill send a pic in a few moments i still have a power africa and a sour diesel that will be harvested in the next couple days, but it will give tou an idea of the space and equipment I am working with.


As you can see i have other flowers plants in there but not for long. Its about 10 ft by 6 ft by 5 ft, so I have room for a decent setup, but I felt 5 plants was a good number for what I am working with.


They look great hogmaster! I just posted a pic of what my setup looks like and thats where the 5 will be. How did you setup this WW grow? And what are your specs as far as nute regimin and type of grow?


Yes they are autos except for the AK, but honestly the last regular fem AK I grew from same seed co was the fastest plant out of all of my plants to flower except for my lemon skunk auto that had pistils at week 3. I switched them at week 5 to 12 12 but thats my dilemma. Top by week 3 but should I still switch lights at week 5? This is where I am not sure. I am going to put in some pieces of wood around my grow, so I have a place to secure string for a scrog. So my next question for anybody who knows. So if I top and trim what I want, I can scrog this way too correct? Or is scrogging only for super cropping? Hope that makes sense


10,000 lumen is the goal. Distance from plants must be considered to achieve this. Multi-spectrum will achieve consistent plant growth and flowering. Flat white paint or Mylar foil are excellent for light reflection. Get rid of small lower and internal branches as they will steal nutrients from desired growth. Bud Swell powder, mixed with soil, gives much better results and may be used throughout growth and flowering cycles. Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil has aged forest products, sphagnum peat moss, Pacific Northwest sea-going fish emulsion, crab meal, shrimp meal, earthworm castings, sandy loam, pearlite, fossilized bat guano, granite dust Norwegian kelp meal, oyster shell (for PH adjustment) allowed me to grow 74" WW girls in 40 gal. oval stock tanks in NE Oregon desert. WW loves light, and I mean LOTS of light. Temps here range from 70 to 110 degrees with humidity of 20 to 40 percent. Get a accurate soil moisture meter. After a couple of weeks be prepared to use organic veg fertilizer. I averaged 1.75 lbs. per plant.