Best method for even canopy

My next grow will be photos as opposed to autos I now grow.
I’m on my second grow so I’m pretty much a beginner.
I have a 3x3 Gorilla tent and a Sun System 315 LEC light.

How many photos would you grow in that space, size container for either a soil or soilless grow (not hydro)?
How would you train them for even canopy coverage? SCROG? Trimming? LST?


Best method for even canopy id say either the scrog methed, mainlining, and forgive me if I’m wrong on the 3rd option but topping your plants I’m pretty sure on top of helpin with plant height also helps keep an even canopy

And my opinion to start training them id use a combination of LST and the scrog method , again that’s my opinion, as some one else with a little more experience may give an input, and throw out an option or 2 as well hope this helps for you SHRED

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And i would only do 1 or 2 In that space as you dont want to cram your grow room

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I don’t scrog it doesn’t work for my perpetual grow plan without building a jig for each pot so I use a combo of topping and Lst

but also not using auto’s

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That was my 3rd option lol, thanks for the extra input in glad another person jumped in haha I too mine as well here is a train wreck new vegitative girl your pictures are better examples lol
<img src=“//” width=“300” height=“500”

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Stupid guy in the room what are photos I’ve heard of auto an fem an regarding but what are photos

Don’t worry, it isn’t really a bad question. Photo is short for photoperiod plants as opposed to autoflowering plants, it is just a reference to the fact that most regular plants, feminized or not, need a 12 hour dark period, absent of “photo” or light to induce flowering, also known as short photoperiod plants or short day plants.


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Thanks mac