Best medium to grow in for 6" pots

One more time ppl. Thx for your past input. I usually use rockwool 2" cubes that have been ph balanced for starting my seedlings. They get the 1" tail…I put them in the rockwool and into my box…and in 3 to 4 days the tops pops out and the roots start growing down. Now I am using 5 gallon buckets with a bubble system and 6" pots in the lids. Should I get something like hydrocal or what do I use to fill those 6" pots with so I can put the seedlings in once the tail. Thx again…

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I use a half and half mixture of hydrotone and lava rock… :wink:

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I use hydroton, but I think marbles would be really cool to use!

Anything smooth and stable can be used, river rocks, tumbled stones, anything within good measure.


Ok…thx for your time. I’ll find something. I thought there would be a go to that everybody uses.

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I use Growstone, the large chunky size. There are some pieces with sharp edges, but I have not had any problems. My plant really seams to like the extra oxygen. I feel the rough, varied shape and size of the chunky pieces allows more oxygen between the pieces than smoother growing mediums that tend to fit more closely together.

Thank you all for your time. Wanted to avoid the hydrotone stuff that turns stuff red.