Best medical strain for beginner grower?

Hey everyone,

So I’ll be buying my very first seeds within the next week or so from ILGM but I’m not sure what to get.

First and foremost I need pain relief (Fibromyalgia - Muscle, joint and just general strong body pain). Relaxation would be second (I have a fair bit of anxiety).

My issue is that every time I’ve smoked weed I’ve experienced very strong anxiety and paranoia. I’ve gotten to the point a couple of times of full-on panic attacks. It’s weird because I’m absolutely fine with any other substance (such as LSD) but weed just knocks me around. I think it’s the THC? I’ve only ever smoked presumably crappy quality, very high THC weed.

So my long winded question… Which strain do you guys think would be good for pain relief, stress & lowest possible paranoia? I’ve been looking at Afghan Kush but I’ve read a few people say it’s not for beginners? I feel like a high CBD Indica would surely be the answer?

a blueberry perhaps? for the paranoia,… just allow the trichomes to get past 50-60% amber before you harvest and it should reduce/remove any anxiety associated with smoking

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Interesting idea with the trichomes, being such a newbie I hadn’t thought of that! After doing some more research I’d actually started to think Blueberry too. Thanks @Oak :heart_eyes:

order yourself some ILGM Blueberry autos…plant them in fox farms ocean forest soil…and just add water for the first five weeks or so…well,…and light, lol… they mature out in 90 days or less… much faster and less technical than fem seeds, but you do get smaller yields.


@Oak Interesting! I wasn’t sure if auto seeds would be a good thing for me or not but it sounds like they’ll be easier for my first try. Do I still add nutrients to auto seeds? As in, treat them the same as female ones (please excuse my noobness). I’ve never looked into auto ones… I will do some research tonight! Thanks for all of your advice :grin:

depends on the soil. if you use the fox farms ocean forest soil you don’t need to add any nutes throughout the vegetation stage…but some people still do in smaller doses… you will want to add nutrients in the flower stage. there is lots of info on different ways to grow autos…personally I see them as mostly a “Plant and go” type thing,…because of their genetics they are on a set lifespan so if they have to spend any time recovering from any type of shock that is going to take away from the yield … so I don’t touch mine in veg other than some super thrive… planning to maybe adds some bloom nutes when the time comes


Great advice @Oak. Your in good hands. A good friend of mine has Fibro. When he was in Colorado he was a big fan of AK47 to help with his pain. It worked for him not to say that is is for everyone.


Hi I am having terrible difficulty starting Girl scouts extreme and LSD. The LSD dies and one seed never germinated. I do have someone who has grown medically indoors for 15- 20 years helping me who buys from here hence how I found this site, forum and grow forum but even he is taken a back as he is teaching me everything after helping me buy the best of the best for my tent, LED lights, fans, CO2, Plus everything else you would want.

Can anyone help. I am using the happy frog potting soil for best germination although I did move to the rapid rooter with slightly better success and i have Coco on its way. Any ideas, help guidance would be hugely appreciated as I do not want to lose another LSD or a CS-Extreme. Thanks In Advance Person X or Bentley