Best medical strain for anti-inflammatory effects?


Gosh, it’s so hard to pick the best medical strain! Looking for a strain that I will use to make into Cannabis oil to help control inflammation (joints and throughout body) and contribute to general health and wellness. My criteria:

  • Strain BEST KNOWN for Anti-Inflammatory Effects!!
  • High CBD level
  • Easy to grow indoors (I’m a beginner)
  • All or mostly Indica since they are smaller and I understand (?) preferred for medical properties


I’m still getting started myself so I look forward to these answers as well. But there is so much variety it seems to be a really hard question to answer. I was told Northern Lights was good for pain and spasms. It’s not high CBD though but it is a indica. I have arthritis already and it runs in my family. Have you tried CBD by itself yet? I have and found with high enough doses of quality product it helps a bit on its own. I plan to dose it when I smoke to see if it works better that way.


I’m going to mention a strain from a competing vendor, only because it really, really seems to knock the pain from an arthritic shoulder. And keeps it at bay for about 24 hours. I belive it knocks the inflammation down.

Siberian Haze Auto. I make extracts and edibles. Searching the strain name should find the vendor.

It’s supposed to be a high CBD strain. There’s probably an ILGM equivalent and hopefully someone can recommend one.


Thanks for he advice! No I haven’t tried CBD on it’s own yet. Last time I used marijuana was recreationally MANY years ago. Now I’m coming back around because I believe in the potential power of it’s medicinal properties. But it’s all about finding the right one (I think) and figuring out how best to administer ie through what form (I’m leading toward oil). This certainly is a maze in front of me. With enough research I’m confident I’ll figure it all out!

Thanks again and good luck to you!!!


Hey, you’re rockstar great with the advice PhantomFarmer! I really appreciate it! It’s massively research intensive figuring out everything. Kind of fun and intriguing though… Fingers crossed I’ll get it right in the end!

Stay well and thanks again!!


I’m certain different ones will work better than others for each individual person. So it may take some trial and error. But worst case scenario you get stoned off your butt and go to bed early lol. So might have to do like me and just pick a couple and start growing.


Northern lights works well for pain relief. Personally I find Gold Leaf to work a little better but it puts me to sleep. I use it to treat my insomnia mostly but it works great for pain relief… until I’m snoring. Lol


I’m growing northern lights and my buddy says that what he’s sampled takes pain away well.


12 pack of Busch lite and a big ole fat hooter and it’s hard for me to feel anything :grin::grin:

Edit:6 pack not 12 pack lol I used to drink about a 12 pack a night. Ever since I started smoking the ganja again though it’s turned into about a 6 pack a week. Sleep better and feel better when I wake up. Plus I’m sure the pot isn’t near as hard on my health lol I drank like a fish in the navy and unfortunately it carried over after I got out


I’m harvesting 5 Gold leads in a few weeks. Never tried it but looking forward to it.