Best magnification for trichrome identification

What magnification is best for examining trichomes?

Planning to buy a digital handheld microscope so I can see trichrome progress.

A lot of the digital cameras are 50x-1,000x … I doubt their actual magnification but what should I be looking for when I purchase one, I’d buy a jewelers loupe but I’d rather have a digital one that I can take pictures from with my phone

Lemme know what you use! Share a pic of what yours takes picture wise!

I’ve been using my phone zoomed in through a magnifying glass. Poor mans microscope…. :pensive:


Depending on how bad your eyes are. The Jeweler loupe with 30x and 60x works perfectly. Just take off the glasses and look at them. Many make this mistake. Just like using a microscope you take the glasses off.

I hope this helps. I can’t remember if this was 30x or 60x but you will get the idea.

I also use my Jeweler loupe to look at my Ancient Roman, Greek and Mycenaean pottery from 1500 BC.


Handheld does not work. A stable solid platform is needed. Some will attached their scope to a microphone stand or something similar. I use a camera tripod.



The bottom picture is probably close to 250 magnification. My USB 2 Digital microscope says it’s 60 - 250x.


This is like what I’m looking to do, my PC is right next to my tent so I could go right to that, or use my laptop inside the tent or even my phone,

What microscope is that?

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I do all mine hand held with no issues. You just gotta practice with the Jeweler loupe and the phone. Of course a better scope will get awesome photos. I just want to check the trichomes and 30x magnification works good for what I need it for.

If I want killer shots I would pull out my Nikon D3300 camera which will blow most photos out of the water.


Those are some Nice Pictures!!


Awesome! Yeah I mean I just want some easily identifiable pictures I’m pretty sure I have 2-3 weeks minimum on my oldest plants but I’d rather start checking now to see where I’m at

Any more opinions lemme know!

These where taken with my “poor mans microscope” definitely not as good as some of the others but pretty decent I think.


I just bought a cheap usb microscope from Amazon, maybe $25? It’s x50-1000


These are exactly the scopes I’m looking at I think the one I saw was $32 a few reviews are people using it for trichs

One of the reviews


Yea that’s pretty solid. Might have to check that out.


My finger is hovering over the buy it now button :joy:


I have one of those. It’s perfect for what you need!


That’s the 1 I have. It’s decent. They all take a bit of getting used to.


I have it too… Very easy to use… wireless… Take photos, vid… Lots of fun

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Well it’s ordered plus a new 4500sq ft capacity dehumidifier for the basement lol

Overkill for my basement size but it’s always humid here so we needed it anyways… plus it’ll get my humidity down more in my lung room

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I have a Samsung S20 and i think my camera zoomed in does just fine.

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U can get a microscope that plugs in ur phone or laptop for about $30 amazon

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You can use that water from the dehuey to water your plants with. Win/win!!!

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