Best lights ( that I have now )for my seedlings

My LED 10w strip, my HPS 100w or my CFLs 3500k … I have no idea what the k rating on my HPS light is , there is a stamp on the corner but I cant make a rating out of it

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You don’t usually see a color temp rating with hps. Most of their light spectrums will be pretty close to the same without some other influence. From what I’ve seen, most are generally between 2200k and 2800k with a cri of around 20 or so.

In layman’s terms, not ideal for germination and seedlings. The apparent color temp of your led bar looks to be about the best option. You’ll just have to keep it close to offset low power and light intensity.


Thank you. I raised them to about an inch from the tallest one. With all the sunshine here in Fl. would letting them get natural light ( window sill ) be good , exposing them in short periods till they get older ??


Absolutely! Sunlight is what we are trying to replicate in our indoor grows. Just be careful not to over heat them in the sun.


I agree with @Myfriendis410, hard to go wrong with natural light.


Natural sunlight is great but some indicas can’t take the full 120000 lux. I grew some last summer that got light burned. Window glass might get it low enough but you may need some tinting. 85000 lux is about all the plant can use. Sativas can stand more but they don’t actually use it unless you add CO2.

But in general sunlight is great AND it’s free!

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