Best lights for starting plants


What is the best light set up for starting plants .That will be transplanted outside in the spring.just want to start 10 to 20 plants


Sounds like you’re going to have quite the mess of space to be growing I normally start off CFL’s then move up to my LEDs but growing that many plans I’d recommend going straight to LED


If starting with the LEDs, should you start them at a further distance from the seedlings?

If normal rated distance would be 24", would you instead start around 36"?


I started everything under both when I do LED I have them at least 36 in -40in from the baby’s


@FloridaSon What is happening brother man how are things where you’re at


Warm. 80 in the shade. My Gout has flared up in my ankle and elbow, down to just over half a quart jar of buds…

I could cry about many more things, but I’m breathing in and out, have a great woman that loves me and my family is healthy (sort of)…

Life is good, Brother. You know how the rollercoaster goes. :wink:


Amen to that if you were closer I think I would probably be able to help you fill that back up Keep your head up brother everyday I wake up I make it a great day have to life is to short sorry to hear about your gout flaring up its 45° here at my place am ready for winter to end and it just started but it could be 5" of snow and be -5° Have a great day @FloridaSon


I started at 36 inch with 300 watt lights and and I lowered till they screamed then back them off
You’ll find the sweet spot but I’d say 36 " is a good starting point brother especially for seedlings


Thanks for reply guys. I never grew under lights before thought i might try just to get a jump on the season. Im in the eastern U.S not my first time growing. maybe my first time trying to do it the right way and get the best yeild I can get. honestly Im a skedish about ording online seed but what heck you only live once


Nice I’m in the northeast as well and have 2 1/2 acres so I will definitely start a few plants in February for transplant outdoors end of march early April :+1:
Gotta luv the sun :sun_with_face:


who cannot love free light!!lol i’m ready,i’m ready,i’m ready!!!


Soon my friend soon


i’m from the mid south and outside has been my growing medium since i sprouted me first bean. this inside growing is new, for me personally,and challenging. who doesn’t love a challenge! lol


I hear you I also planted outside and this is my first indoor grow it’s also my first serious attempt at in 20years


yes me tooo, this being able to shop and get different strains is the bees knees for me!!!yea i ran a crane for over twenty years and just had my hip replaced for the second time so im semi retired right now.ii have a small engine repair ‘‘shed’’ now along with growing my own meds for pain. sometimes i find myself trying to grow my plants like running a crew of men and it dont work like that!!lol sometimes i have to remind myself these are young ladys and need loving…so don’ t be a big ogre trying to make them grow a foot in a day…lol i’m trying my best im hoping to start a grow log later today. screw the pills grow your own!!!


Lol :laughing:
And I agree with you on the pills
Been there done that
I have problems with my back neck and knees
I’ve been in commercial hvac industry for 25 years but now I just baby sit a few chillers and small fractional water cooled Heat pumps for a billionaires corporate offices and his house so I don’t don’t much heavy lifting I sub out :+1::wink::grin:


You bought those 1000w cob lights @FloridaSon ?
How you liking them ?


Not yet. Will be ordering it tomorrow, I believe. My brother in law is buying it and his money doesn’t get credited until the 30th.

I’m going with the CrxSunny 1200.

Will hang it over my Blueberry autos. Waiting for the light to germinate them. I may also use it for a Sour Diesel mother, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to afford running it all year.

It will most likely end up being just for Winter grows. There are only about 3 weeks that are too cold for them here outside.

I have big hopes for the light. Nothing to compare it to, but will be able to see compared to natural light.


Ok cool
I think you’ll be surprised on how efficient leds run
I wound up buy a couple 400 w cob lights should have them Friday?
My wife complains about the electric bill but hasn’t said a word about my lights adding to much to bill


My wife is our only source of income, so I do my best to not spend money.

I hate doctors, but you can’t get disability without them. Since I don’t really have a “medical history” they say I don’t qualify.

Just another way to make sure the doctors and lawyers get their money too…