Best lights for seedling/veg?

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I’m new to the forum as I’am also new to the growing scene. I’ve just got my tent set up and now I’m having trouble figuring out exactly what tools and or equation I need to figure out the lighting for my seedlings and then veg. I want to go with t5 for sure, my tent is a 4x8 so a total of 32 sq ft. I would like to fit 8 plants in there. So basically here are my questions.

  • do I need separate lights for seedling and veg?

  • how can i figure out exactly how many lights I need to have a successful veg?

  • how can I figure out exactly how much light for healthy seedlings?

  • is there a rule of thumb for # of plants per sq ft?

Thank you all in advance your response is greatly appreciated!


@dbrn32 should be able to help


And welcome to the forum 31128


Welcome to the forum! If you have for sure decided to go with t5, then you want cold white bulbs. Two to three of the 8 bulb 4’ t5ho fixtures should veg a 4x8. You can use same fixtures for seedlings, just run it a little higher for a while.


@Cyle1 thank you for the referral! @dbrn32 thank you for the information this helped me out a ton!


Absolutely anytime!!


4ft- 4 bulb T5 fixture with 6500k bulbs got these 3 from seed to this before they started to stall out.

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Wow that’s awesome, any pointers if I were to use MH for veg? Watts?


@Watt-Sun One more question I’m sorry lol but is that basically your veg? Ready for flower? Or is this before veg?

I have a 4x4x6 grow tent i use 2 600w hps mh lights in veg i use 6500k or 6000k mh bulbs and in flower i use the 2000k spectrum hps bulb the bulbs that i get really great results with in flower are the argosun red hps 2000k bulb for flower it just seems to have a little extra umph. With hps mh lights it’s 50watt a square foot and 75watt is great
I believe you said you have 32 square feet
32x50 1600 watts of light
32x75 2500 watts of light
And you can go more once you get past 929ppf the plant can’t take any more light I’m at 803ppf to 840ppf with my par meter right now.
Hope this helps you


I moved these under 2 600 watt MH hoods and one of them went under a 900 watt viparspectra LED (426 watts from wall)

I topped them when I put them under the MH
Plantmaxx 7200k

I flipped them into flower when they were this size

I’m have about 2 weeks (give or take)left before chop


In regards to plants per sq ft. I recommend 2 x 2 per plant. But depends on ur vegging time. Best grow i got 5-6 plants on a 3x3 pallet. It was a tight fit. And a semi quick veg (flipped around @Watt-Sun first pic size). But still nice haul. U should fit 8 nicely into a 4x8 space.

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@Watt-Sun you are a god thank you so much visual representation works best for me! You rock man and every one else thank you so much for your help!

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