Best Lights, 4X8

Its 30 x 16

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It seems that way. There is a market for them though. I remember a time when 4 288 boards was recommended for 4x4 and people were running 8-10 at half power.

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Scorpion is more then the x6 600 kit

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How tall is your space?

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How tall is your space?<<<

It’s a regular wall height (about 7-8 ft) room on the outside edges, but it’s peaked in the middle pretty high, at probably 12-13 ft?

It’s a just a regular un-used upstairs bedroom, (maybe 12X12) with nothing in it (but some junk that I need to remove first). There’s a big ceiling fan, and it has two regular sized windows.

It’s a fair amount of space to control, I’d imagine, temp and humidity-wise. But I’d love to use the whole room instead of a tent, if that’s even doable.

Not worried about “smell,” or carbon filters, as I live in the middle of the woods. Lol.

There are plenty of outlets in the room… (the electrician sort of overdid it on outlets in this house) and I believe the entire upstairs (just the one room and an extra loft room, so two rooms total, upstairs) are on the same breaker.

Isn’t it something like 1800 watts recommended for that many plants? Yeah… that may an issue, I just don’t know. I could ask the guy who did it and see what he thinks, I suppose, though I’d like to not really “advertise” what I’m doing in there.

I’m guessing it would only be the 12 plants that need any real powerful light, though, as I could do the seedlings in the closet, or a different room, with my shoplight… and just keep the 6 veg and 6 flowering plants under the big lights, dedicating that space to them.

I think I could regulate what needs to be ideal conditions in there with the right equipment, but hanging the lights from ceilings that high is going to be my challenge.

I keep getting the advice to start “small,” but if I’m going to do this, I feel like I may as well get prepared for what I’m ultimately going to do.

Find the joist in the ceiling and eye hook to them

Muzata 316 Stainless Steel Eye Shape Screws, Heavy Duty Screw Eyes for Metal Hook, Wood Terminal Ring Eyelet Hooks, Hammock Stand, Self Tapping Screws, 3.5 Inches M6 Eye Bolt 20 Pack, CR18

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Okay, thank you.

So I’m looking at at least four of these kinds of lights, at about $400 apiece, and that’s if I build them?

For the 320 yes, for the 260 if you build 3 it’s 220-230/each.

6 hlg 260’s - 1200-1300 coverage 2x4 250 watts

  • 31.25 watts/sq ft @ 1.25 watts/ $1

4 hlg 320’s - 1500-1600. Coverage 2x4 300 watts

  • 40watts/sq ft .80 watts$1

1 hlg 600 - 800 coverage 5’x5’ 600 watts

  • 24 watts/sq ft 0.75 watts/$1

As you can see here with the 260’s your getting more wattage for less overall cost.

But with the 320 you’d pull more per sq foot.

Watts shouldn’t be the determining factor but when your comparing the same product it does make sense


Well here’s what I’ve got to work with:

The room, on second glance, looks like it’s about 12X12’. The ceilings are 8’ high, peaked, up to about 12’.

Here’s a picture of the room’s ceiling, and a couple of pics of my home’

s electric panel. I could use the power from the “upstairs bedroom,” and maybe also from the “art room,” if needed.

You got some empty space there if needed,

Vaulted ceilings tho… F



Sucks but can still be done the same way, unless you want to run your own stringers and anchor them to the top of the walls.

Isn’t too bad but not the most cost efficient way of getting it done.

Eye hooks and crazy long hangers?

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Really I’d get lumber and frame out a new ceiling.
You’ll need a board lagged in on the wall of either end of shortest length of room.

Facia board → joist → facia board

Length of the space your traveling will determine size of lumber needed to hold weight over that distance

Put some nice drapes in the window and then close it off on the interior. A piece of drywall / insulation board or plywood would work. Just make sure you seal or tape that off so it is light tight.

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Yep… I figured I’d have to block out the windows somehow…

So are we talking just adding some beam-type structures on the sides of the walls to hang the lights/etc. from? You don’t mean close off the entire ceiling, right?

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Exactly right , and you’d only add the beams you would need over the area your growing in.

Each beam would need braces to hold it to the 2x8 or whatever you use to hold the boards onto.

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