Best lights 2023?

@Perfectcultguy, I use a HLG 350R and two 260 Rspec FRs in my 5x5. Veg under the the 350R, and bring on the 260s during flower. The three lights give a very good spread in the 5x5. Also during late flower I set the 350R for about 10 hours, and leave the 260s at 12 hours. This seems to develop nice buds, while reducing foxtailing. Multiple lights will also be much more versatile.
The price of the three lights will be less than the big lights. The 260s are only $249 list. The code DUDE will get you a discount at HLG.


Would you run 1 2 or 3? Im.prob gonna go hlg i just was hoping something else.compared for cheaper rlly

Bank the future on them, I did.
Love mine.
Multiple lights, multiple options for Height and DLI.
Agree, smaller works well, do the math add 20% but don’t waste
Love go big or go home (future plans?).

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Im.gonna.acctusly now im.deciceing how many.and of wat.ones

Depends on which light you decide to go with. I would say obvious choices are a scorpion diablo or 350r’s. One scorpion diablo or two 350r’s are probably going to make 99% of growers ecstatic in a 5x5.


Im.thinking 2 for better coverage im new so idk yet this my first go so i appreciate the support 100% tell me.when im.wrong id rather know then fail lol

One scorpion diablo will offer more coverage than two 350r’s. 6 boards vs 4 boards.


The regulars diablo or the x?

Sorry ik ima pain in the ass lol

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Two 350R’s will give you slightly more flexibility as far as being able to space them out depending on your individual grow, and also be able to play with the intensity of each separately. The Scorpion Diablo is more of a hang it in the center and let her rip, but her power is everything you will need and then some.
My plants in the closet under the Scorpion average better yields than the ones in my tents under the 350’s, but that also has to do with the fact that I keep the bigger ones from each grow in the closet. Basically, either way you go with the HLG’s will be better than most other brands, at least definitely the several that I’ve used previously.


If i do the X for better flower is there a supplemental light to increase better veg? Or is it a flower only

Future plans? A bigger space maybe a pole barn setup were currently working on licenses in NY to start a small commercial grow so the plan here with the 5x5 is to perfect the harvest without co2 first then add co2 im.trying different techniques just learning my partner has it down in a small garage so i need the same experience and knowledge im very willing to.learn and accept im.wrong if i am.bc idk shit

Which lights go.with

The diablo x changes up blue to red ratio. Both spectrums going to grow great weed and nearly identical in output and electrical efficiency.

If you want latest and greatest the diablo x is it. If you want to save some money the diablo is available refurbished for like $500 cheaper.


I ordered the x ty for the help man 1380 this thing better do wonders


You didn’t use discount code?


what he said, always look for discount code, somewhere, even here on forum.


It’s hlg call them back and tell them you forgot to put it in I bet you they will refund you the difference


Ordered on amazon couldnt get a code to work! If uk of one ill.cancel and reorder but i got a amazon prime card only few site except it and found none that did for the hlg either

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I found one to work for the UV 30w XL but not the x its w.e gotta pay to play i was always told