Best lighting i can do for 5x5x7 tent

I believe so and would suit my need to always mess with things as well.
Now basicly back to my “drawing board” lol

1000w still good for 3x3 ?

A true 1000 watt light is too big for a 3x3.

So 600w-ers

You’re talking about an hps light right?

This was my orginal thought on lighting i hadnt found a de i wanted yet… But if thats going to be to big i have no need to find one suitable.

So you’re going with the 3x3 space for flowering? I would consider either a 315 cmh with 3100k ge bulb or an air cooled 600 hps. You could probably get away without air cooled if you went 400 watt, but I was never really happy flowering under a 400.

I wouldnt be comfortable with that ether… So the 600w aircooled will be fine alone??
Would i benifit from grow light strips or would that be over kill in the 3x3?
For the 1x3 area what type of lighting would i need for that area itll have shelving

You wouldn’t be comfortable with a 315 cmh? Can I ask why? It’s the best spectrum of all the hid and most efficient.

A 600 is already kind of already overkill in a 3x3.

I ment flowering under 400.
I have not looked at 315 cmh… I was about to do that

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Oh ya, that I agree with. They’ll grow weed, just kind of limits what you can do is all.

I like the idea of the 315s i just dont know if i wanna risk the chance my son could be exposed to chemicals like that if it breaks he follows me everywhere he is a mommies boy for sure.
I saw it might cause issues do u know how big of a risk thatd be to his health

I assumed not much more than a fluorescent bulb. But I can’t say that for scientific certainty. Let me look into it some.


If you google ceramic metal halide within the first page you should see a pdf of the material safety data sheet for the ge bulbs. According to that, the amount of potentially hazardous material in each bulb or a small number of bulbs isn’t said to be in high enough concentrations to be harmful to us. It does give some directions to minimize any potential exposure should a breakage occur.

I guess you should probably take a look at that and use your best judgement. My understanding is that current bulbs don’t break nearly as much as the originals. But having small kids myself, I understand your concerns.

I know he’s been really busy lately, but perhaps @Donaldj can weigh in on the subject of potential hazards with cmh. Lots of people look to me for led stuff, and he’s the guy I would put my trust in for all things cmh.

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Whta led light should i shoot for for the 1x3 side ? I have been looking at a few but i wanna make sure i get enough without doing way to much

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There’s not a ton of them ready to buy, if it were me I would definitely diy something with strip pcb’s. If you can find some 2’ shop lights using daylight or cold white lamps would probably work pretty good. Otherwise a couple of hlg-65’s would work very well.

Hlg? 4k or 3k are they just as good if they build it not me… bçi mainly saw diys

Bc me and electricty are not a good match

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If you plan on vegging in the 1x3 get 4000k. The hlg-65 isn’t a kit like the others. You just plug driver into wall and board and put hangers on. Much like plugging in a new tv or other electronics. Shouldn’t take any tools or hardwiring.

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Okay cool thnx :grinning::grin: I’m sure ill have some more questions soon.

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Happy to help