Best lighting i can do for 5x5x7 tent

I plan on getting a 5x5x7 tent with a 1000w air cooled lighting
But i dont know if that will be enough lighting.
i plan to fill the tent as much as i possibly can wihout hurting yeld per plant.
I was thinking putting grow strips ( led) along the walls.
So is the 1000w good enough alone or would adding the extra lighting actually help?

Go with a de or something like a timber fatty if you want best for a 5x5.

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Im not sure what those are and money is not in plenty

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Double ended 1000 watt, like a gavita. If you’re on budget other light is probably out

I found what u r talking about what is the difference between de and se?

Almost twice as much light from a double ended.

A pair of 600 watt fixtures would be better light-wise, and give you better coverage. 600 watts is supposed to be the sweet spot on efficiency. You should look for fixtures that come with a Metal Halide bulb for veg and an HPS bulb for flower, in the same socket with the same ballast. Of course, that’s if you want to go old-school. If you want LEDS, that costs more but can be more efficient on your electric bill. dbrn32 is your guy if you want LED info.

If money is limited, do you really need 25 square feet of weed? That’s a lot more than most people can smoke. Just to give you an idea, I raised one Northern Lights plant in a 6 square foot chamber and got 7 ounces of 2-hit-and-quit product. I would figure out how much light you can afford and then plan the tent around 50 real watts per square foot.


I got people at the house who can smoke and friends birthdays every month of the year i bet you can guess what type of presents i want to give.:joy: i did the math its be roughly 24 plants if i fill it up. @ 2ft spacing

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The watt math is where im screwed… And fall short. Does 1000 watts not shine threw more

What he means is that par per watt of a 600 watt hps bulb is usually higher than par per watt of a 1000 watt bulb. But I don’t think that’s true about a double ended 1000 watt light. It’s pretty much the standard for hid in a 5x5 where you’re looking to maximize production.

You can grow with whatever you want, nobody here really cares as we all have budgets and goals to adhere to. I don’t think you’ll get that many plants with that much spacing. What I can tell you, if you want to grow big the cost of getting setup will be big.


Ik it wont be a 24 count itll probably be 15 which is enough… A little more than…
Ik the more i grow the more itll be in cost. That doesnt mean i cant try to save all i can where i can. Lol :joy:

I think ima go with the de 1000w. I just don’t think one will do the trick. Will 2 1000w be “to much”

Hey, welcome! You have the lighting guru on the hook so hit him up haha!

25 square feet at 50 watts/foot would be around 1,200 watts all up. But! Here’s a couple of things to consider:

seedlings and little plants don’t need much light so wasteful to use a de MH fixture for the first six weeks or so. I use a $85 LED for most of my vegging and transition to the “big house” with my own high end stuff. (LED’s too)

If you want to grow in that space; 3 mature plants that have been trained to maximise yield is about all you’re going to squeeze in there. I run 24 square feet and barely get 3, but I yield over 8 oz per plant and sometimes 12 of manicured bud! If you were to acquire a smaller tent with an inexpensive LED setup you can also start a “perpetual grow”.

Just some things to think about.

Are you using soil? Hydro? Media like coco? Will you be growing photo period plants or autos? These all play into your lighting choice as well.

You are ahead of most of us because we (a lot of us anyway) got caught up in the lighting confusion and went down the wrong path; spending bad money. @dbrn32 is who we all lean on for info.


But to be fair, @dbrn32 will help you spend your money too haha! He LOVES the newest tech!


I am wanting a couple of both going honestly and they will be gromed i wont be able to leave them alone much… Which will be hard to do for autos since they mostly like to be left alone.
I have some things for hydro set up but i probably wont do much with that for a while. i like soil… a lot lol :joy::joy:
I wont be at 8 Oz yeld for a long time im sure :joy::joy:


I’ve been using media like coco with stellar results. If you want I’ll tag you over to my journal and you can hack away at it. Some power growers weighed in on some issues that are worth looking at.

I have never grown an auto; I prefer to control the parameters myself.

I was a no nothing grower and pulled 8 oz off of my first plant. Bag seed too. It’s not that hard, really; keep the PH right, don’t over feed or over water and give them enough light.


Oh my that nice. I didn’t think id get that tillvthird time around.

tag away!!:joy: Please and thank you!:grinning:

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A couple of excellent points that I definitely left out! You absolutely don’t need a double ended light for anything, especially not seedlings and veg.

And a grower with the right techniques could absolutely keep up with two smaller spaces. I would probably also be in line with the suggestion that even in one space doing a smaller space well can have some value over doing a large space cheaply.

All things considered, a 3x3 and a 4x4 are about the same square footage as a 5x5. And probably not much different in cost to setup. Depending on how committed we are and how open to suggestions, one of those multi chamber 3x4 tents may be s good place to start?


I was thinking about getting one of the multiple “room” 3x4 but I didn’t really know what id do with it and i have all day everyday to mess around out side i got roses and a pig that keep me out side.
And a real problem with poision ivy i have to keep cut back from my yard! So i have time to dedicate … a lot of time to dedicate to plants.:grin: :joy:
But back on track would the multi room really come in handy … Like if i was going to do clones?

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Ya, that’s exactly how you would use it. I believe if we’re talking about the same one, it has a shelf on the 1x3 side. You would need multiple smaller lights for it, and then a bigger light for the 3x3. But then you would be able to veg plants in the smaller area, take cuttings, and/or start seeds while you have other plants flowering in the 3x3 space. When you harvest, you can simply move your vegged plants into the flowering space and restart the shuffle. That will keep you in always having flowering plants, and not having to wait on plants to grow any.

@Texan_flowers but oooh! it pays for itself