Best light shedule

Hello people. She’s 1 month old gorilla glue time shedule is 20/4. Is there any better idea? Thanks for info

I personally flower mine under a 12-12 schedule just like any other plant mostly to save energy in my case
You can flower autos under any schedule though
Keep in mind All plants neeed a rest period
So if you wanted to run a longer light schedule
Run something like 10-2 10-2
I personally don’t think the extra energy is worth the small return with longer light periods just my humble Opinion
I’m sure there are a few members who think otherwise


Looks great! Not an auto grower myself but have read alot on it. I’ve read that the 20-4 schedule will yield best results with autos but I don’t know how much truth there is to that. I do know that bud size/quality is directly proportionate to light intensity. But like @Countryboyjvd1971 stated, all plants need a rest period to uptake nutrients and to stretch out their roots.

I have successfully grown autos on a 20/4 schedule from seed to harvest and I enjoyed a really nice harvest. As @Countryboyjvd1971 notes, whether or not the extra 8 hours of energy consumption gets you extra bud for the dollar spent is debatable.

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Thank you people✊🏼

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I’m running a 24/0 for the veg then will go 12/12 for flower with an auto. This is my 3rd grow 1st inside with this sched and wondering how it will turn out :crossed_fingers:. Anybody else ever run this sched and how did it turn out??

From what i know auto is not controlled by the light schedule. They go into flower genetically bred when to flower regardless of light schedule. Just my thoughts