Best light options for a 4X2 tent?

Hi all!! So I’m just about done with my first grow and unfortunately the buds are very airy. After doing research the only thing I can think that would have caused this is poor lighting. (They’re also pretty tall for being indica dominant) I have the vivospectra Amazon LED light ($90 roughly)

I’m looking to invest in a better light for grow number to so please give me all your favorite opens. I will have two plants going at a time.

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I would find an LED that is built with Samsung LM301 diodes. There are a number of options out there. You are going to want 250 to 300 watts of power draw to effectively flower a 2x4.


Perfect description @MidwestGuy.


@Brewtiful94 , I have a 20”x36” AC infinity tent with 2 Atreum Lighting Hydra 100s and did good last grow. 1.25 Oz. Per watts from the wall. But, better is possible and I would like to have a 250W Q. Panel for that space so go bigger if you can!

@Brewtiful94 , your buds are airy? How about pics? I’ll bet they will fatten up if you let them. Also I’d guess that at least 2x that light would help.

Welcome to the community ! The HLG 260 v2 rspec XL Would be a good choice for your 2x4 space with two plants.


Don’t know if this would work but did get an email from HLG they have there 225 on sale for 200. It would be a little short of what you would need max. It’s rated for a 2.5 or 3x3 space. For the $ good buy. With that and your other light would probably be enough. All depends on how much cash You want to spend I’ve been looking for a light to fit this area too. Have a 4x4 but need more light

Hlg 260 XL kit would fit perfectly


I put a HLG 350R with a UVA-30 XL in my 2 x 4 Gorilla. I haven’t used it yet because I’m at 12 days seedlings so a HLG 100 V2 is working it’s magic right now. At 21 days the seedlings will transplant in to there #7 pots and the 350R will take over.


The HLG 260 or 350 are good choices also the Mars SE3000 is a great choice Im using the 269 XL in my 2x4 with good results


Can’t go wrong with any of the appropriate HLG selections but I’d go with the Cream of the Crop - The 350R
And get a UV bar for extra trich development and you’re good to go in that space.
I won’t mention the other supplemental lights I run! :laughing: