Best light for under 500 for 3x3


Received suspect led with tent package so I’m looking to upgrade. Want to spend 500 or less for 3x3x6. I’ve been reading and learning but it just seems like a shady market. @Niala @bob31


Do 2 250$ ones


Timber grow lights has cob options from cree, citizen, and bridgelux that will all fit the bill for 3x3 under $500.

Horticulture lighting group has a citizen option for $549, that has a little better fit and finish.

If you consider any of these, keep in mind that they are all listed in actual watts and I believe you can pick color temp of cobs.




I have the viparspectra 300w and my tent is 2x2x4


2by2by4 lol, you have em packed in! looks great,what strain are you growing there @BudBuddy


I use cfls. I have a 250 watt and 8 small 23 watt it works great hope this helps


@BIGE Not sure my nephew in northern cali sent me about 50 seeds from his stash. They aren’t really too packed but next grow will be 1 plant in bigger pot. Shes in the right front corner in the photo.


i think they look great @BudBuddy,yea if you put just one in there would help things…lol


@BIGE Thank you very much took me about a year of research to have the knowledge I have just to keep them alive. This is only my 3rd grow. I learn something new everyday and as you see in photo no fan leaves. I read about a step called defoliating where all the fan leaves are removed in flowering and suppose to increase bud size. So I gave it a try and as you can see I tried it on all my girls, lol. Kinda ballsy! But it actually worked this is the biggest my buds have been in all 3 grows.


Are you looking for an LED?


yes but I’m open to suggestions of possible better options.


I use a 600w MH/HPS for a 4x4 tent and it works great. You would most likely want to get an exhaust fan for it though. You can get a good unit including the exhaust fan etc. for under $400.
Just throwing it out there.


Both great looking set ups after reviewing their kits. I think I have a new savings goal of $579, I think these are solid options and I see a new 400w cob in my future


I looked up viparspectra and they had two different types. The one you posted and the dimmable series which is white with fans, whats the difference?


White with fans I believe is the 600W or 700W series and cost about $249 0r $289. The dimmable I believe has the capabilities to us the light with the stage of the plan It has a switch you can just turn on for veg and a switch just for bloom or have them both on for full spectrum which is what the one I posted here as well as the one in my tent. Most people that use the full spectrum lights complain about the reddish color what you don’t see is that the light cycles every so often and it will look blue. Im happy with my 300W light it sure beat my first grow with cfl’s and my harvest is just for me so not like I need to grow 50 pounds. Anyways hope I answered your question.


I agree. Growing with the high end cobs is a whole new ballgame. The other lights aren’t bad, but you definitely won’t be disappointed with your investment.


I agree here with @Jmesser80 too. At first look I thought you were looking for another led. I still stand behind recommending the lights I did. But going with mh/hps, or even a cmh could be alternatives in that price range.


Look into the Perfect Sun Dwarf Star . $425 Great spectrum, plenty of grows on u tube proving they work and it’s made in USA. I have a 2x2x 5.7’ and I’m afraid that it’s too much.


have you looked into quantum boards @Wildotter?