Best light for a 4x4 tent

I’m trying to get some ideas on lights for my 4x4 grow tent. I’ve looked into HLG, AC Infinity, and some Mars or Spider Farmer lights but don’t wanna break the bank. Any suggestions would be great. Thank you and happy growing everyone!


My suggestion is to break the bank. Im not trying to be an ass but of all the things you can spend money on setting up a grow lighting is what grows your plants.
You can grow amazing bud with a tent made of tooth picks and tin foil as long as you have a great light.
A lot of people on here like hlg. Check out refurbished section and use code dude.
I went wih the 600r refurbished for my 4x4 and after the code i think i paid less than 500 for it. Have no complaints with it.


Welcome to the community , Quality lighting is going to be the most important equipment for indoor grow. You won’t go wrong with HLG lights. Look at it this way and it won’t hurt as bad you will get your money back after the 1st grow in quality buds. Happy growing my friend. :v:


@adaml559 as all have said, get the best light you can afford because this will make THE most difference in your grow…I have only used Marshydro LED’s since I dropped the HPS lights…In my 4x4 tent I run FC-E6500 for a year and half now and have no complaints…HLG and Spiderfarmer are others used that growers like


I run the MarsHydro FC-E 4800 in a 4x4. I’ve had it nearly a year. I can flower 4-5 photos no problem. Got mine at a local hydro store for $460. Zero issues other that putting it together. Had to watch a YouTube video. It’s my first LED fixture and I have zero complaints about the performance. Best of luck :call_me_hand:t2::call_me_hand:t2:

I like the bar style led’s myself and really like sonofarms maxx pro 8, but there are less expensive alternatives along these lines such as medic grow, and groplanner that i have been seeing some other guys having good results with and you can get them on amazon

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Break the bank if you can, as long as it’s the appropriate size light

If not, I can wholeheartedly recommend the older style BloomPlus ( older because cheaper than their latest models)
I have hlg300L and bloom plus BP3000 and I’m very happy with both

@Graysin has had great results with kingbrite but that involves buying through AliBaba which is daunting at best imo

KingBrite is great. Although China made-and-assembled, so depending on your feelings there, that may or may not be great.

If you want an affordable US-assembled alternative, look at Green Beams (green-beams[dot]com). They’re essentially the HLG QB288 light boards made with slightly inferior diodes (the Samsung 301B instead of the 301H, and Epistar instead of Osram for the reds). But the cost is half, so for a “cheap knockoff” it will do exactly what it says it will without destroying your budget.

HLG’s Diablo board is the Cadillac of homegrow lighting, so the 350R or 650R as refurbs would be the best way to get a Diablo without being a VERY high price (code REFURB is good for 20% off almost always).


You definitely want something with the LM series Samsung diodes either 301b or 301h those are top of the line

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I use the hlg 600r and it absolutly rocks my 4x4 and 2 of the same in my 4x8 tents. I still have a room that uses hps and mh lighting which i like but will soon replace that w 3 600r’s
Buds with these lights make rock solid buds good genetics helps some