Best Light for 4x2 foot space

Hey guys and gals… can anyone recommend a really good light for a small 4x2 space? For both veg and bloom, I’m currently using one of those cheap Amazon bs lights and my buds just don’t seem to want to grow any density or size… appreciate any recs. Budget doesn’t really matter but want something high quality.

Also I like the low heat from LEDs so would like to stick with them but not married to the idea.

HLG 260 will work great in that space. If you can find the XL version, they space the boards out a bit more for more even coverage.


Wow I was literally just looking at those.

What do you think of this hlg kit?


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320 too much?


anyone know the actual length width of the light/heat sink?
This one 320W XL QB V2 RSPEC LED KIT

Does anyone have any experience with this Amazon light?
AGLEX cob 3000w Led that says it pulls 655 watts…. Is this garbage or good?

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I have that light. It might be a little over for a 4x2. But if you plan to upgrade grow area it’s worth it.
It’s like $400 plus from HLG now.
Use a par meter or app with this light.
This light is no joke!! Mine is hanging high, low setting and still getting great par reading

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891 x 205 mm is 35 x 8" Easily put two of those bad boys in there. That might be overkill but really sweet anyway

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Here are my girls at 4 weeks.
One is a runt.
Hlg 320xl qb v2 rspec

Thank you all so much, will go with the hlg!


320 is a good choice as well.


I have a similar deal. I just bought the 2x4 tent from Spider Farmer. The actual dimensions are 28x55x80. Which of the two HLG would you suggest, 260 or 320? I will not be upgrading this tent. Plan to have maybe 3 plants in it.


No. I generally run what is effectively 3 HLG 135 boards above my flowering plants. It would be a good choice.

Been using the HLG 260xl rspec in my 2x4 and it rocks solid dense ass buds side to side and front to back.

I’m using the viparspectra xs2000.
Quality components, good price. Fit my budget at the time. After the hollidays I’ll look and getting an HGL or a Electric Sky.