Best light ($200-$300) for a 2x4? The great debate!

Ok, lets hear it! What is a good light for seed to flower for a 2x4 grow? Keep all suggestions in $200 - $300 price range and keep all physical light dimensions no bigger than 2ft x 4ft also. Looking forward to hearing your choices!




Mars Hydro TSW 2000, it just gets a little hot


HLG 300L + Red but out of your price point. They don’t seem to be cataloging the 260 or 288.


For the price a spider. Farmer sf 2000 but good luck on acttually getting a warranty claim but if no problem it should grow good weed I have seen some shady salesman stuff from them I would spend a few. More dollars for. A hlg but that’s me


Have also heard people who have had problems with the driver going out 1-2 months in and having to jump through hoops to get a replacement. S I ms they do have lousy customer service.

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I also run a HLG 260w XL respec unit and am happy with the results nice dense nugs all the way through also the new viparspectra XS series are also a nice bang for buck units


Best advice…save a little more for say a HLG light. I spend $500 on two Viparspectra PAR600 lights before I joined here. I bought them due to price.

Well a hard lesson learned. I ended up buying 2 HLG 260xl rspec for a tune around $800. Glad I did but I wasted way to much on subpar lights.

My Vipars has almost the same power draw from the wall as my HLG but you can see a huge difference in quality.

Under Vipars I got up to 8 oz dried, cured and no stems. Under HLG I got 2+ lbs dried, cured and no stems.


I’m just here to echo everyone else. I have a 260W XL and love it. I’m going to replace the driver for a higher powered one and add a B Spec board to have an even wider spectrum of light, but it’s super unnecessary. DIY10 is a good 10% off code - should bring even the XL down under $300 for you.

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I also vote for hlg
Save up just a bit more money


Can you give a new guy a break and spell this out clearly? B Spec board for the driver? huh? Thanks if you will!


Keep those recommendations coming folks!

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Oh yeah!

So HLG brand lights come in two styles, the “R spec” or red spectrum of light - this is a bit misleading because the R Spec is actually a full spectrum light PLUS red spectrum diodes. It’s optimum for flowering plants, but is also complete light coverage for vegging plants.

The B Spec style is the other style of light, which is the “blue spectrum” of light. It is also a full spectrum light, but is recommended only for vegging plants because the lack of red spectrum light in the supplemental diodes means your bud yield won’t be as good.

The 260W XL light kit comes with 2 R spec “quantum boards” aka panels with light diodes on it. The driver - aka the power supply - is only equipped to power 2 boards, but the aluminum heat sink they give you to mount the light boards to is large enough to fit 3 boards. So I am going to supplement my 2 red lights with 1 blue light, but I will be needing to buy a new power supply to handle the power draw of all 3 boards.


So I’m new and will be upgrading to a bigger light soon 4x2 half of my 4x4. everything you read says HLG best but not a fan of the DIY kits, watched videos looks simple, but idk. What about Mars Hydro sp3000 330$ I think, what do u guys think ? Or what else for 4x2 full coverage, thanks

@Kingkupa I’m not a fan of DIY projects either - I actively avoid them. But you won’t regret an HLG kit. Mars Hydro is pretty much just another name for the Vivosun, or a Spider Farmer, etc. they’re fine and will grow weed, but you’re going to spend a lot more per watt getting something that will probably run hot and not get you the yield an HLG could.

I was able to put my QB kit together in about 20 minutes and I’m straight uninformed about electric wiring. Like had to Google what red and black wires even meant uninformed.


Note to self
Don’t call @Graysin if I need a bomb diffused


Y’all to funny, like I said all the videos look very straight forward, have no problem with splicing wires but idk. What about HLG 300L RSPEC®

Full Spectrum White + Deep Red ?
It’s 450$ yikes, would I need 2 to cover a 4x4 ?

@Kingkupa check out their Refurbished lamps. The 300L Rspec is only $329. No assembly required. :rofl: nor any bomb detonation, thank goodness.

You can veg a 4x4 with one, but I’d do 2 for a good coverage flower footprint.

Please don’t. We will absolutely die. :laughing:

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That’s what I have in a 3x3
Works fine I’m happy with it