Best LED lights 2019

Hey @IKEWATSON11, welcome to ILGM, and congrats on the license!

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Check out the reviews for the Electric Sky es300. Seems like no better reviews than these lights. I’m going to be purchasing two of these soon for my 5 x 5 tent.

Michigan is the BEST

For the price of those es lights @dbrn32 could help you build a better cheaper light


I recommend quantum boards, too. Waaay less expensive than black dog, great ppfd, and very frugal with the power consumption. I’m ordering a second one, myself. Everything in my grow will be QB’s, starting September.


Solskin Boards, Cutters.

i use the 707 and i love it.
along with foxfarm and humbolt county snowstorm ultra.

got some crappy lights but the ladies are doing great!

fox farm nutes with snow storm ultra and roots organic 707. the dirty dozen box from foxfarm is a great place to start for around 90 bucks

They seem like good light but at $695 apiece or nearly $1400 for 2 of them and only covers up to 5x5 flower you could spend a lot less to cover that space with a better light.
For $1400 you could cover a 4x8 for flower just take a look at the HLG line up.
The reviews they post for it seem fine but take a look around this site for people using HLG lights and I’m sure the reviews are outstanding too.
I have 2 HLG 600H in my flower tent covering the 8x41/2 tent great and paid a total of about $1400 for both fixtures and I built 2 Pacific Light Concepts Photo Boost strip lights covering a 4x4 for around $750.

Up to you but you can get a less expensive light with better efficacy to cover the same space

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Those PLC strips are the bees knees. I love mine!!


The Electric Sky 300 are beauteous albeit expensive What’s up w/ these PLC strips. BTW thanks for the well wishes on the MI license.

My plc strips are giving me rock buds.


Electric sky is barely better than cmh and 3x the cost. 2 umol/joule and over $1 per umol doesn’t even put it in best light of 2018 conversation. Hlg, fluence, gavita, timber, amare, and probably a few more all offer more light for less power and money. And those are commercially built fixtures, not even tapping into diy.

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Here’s a build I did. Pacific Light Concepts photo boost light strip DIY build

I’m truly loving these lights, and my plants are too.

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my timber so far is doing some nice work


Just throwing this out there. A couple cheap cfl’s would do the same thing at this point, and burn a LOT less power. Just the blurple panel(s) a bit closer would be all those little girls need.

Not knocking timber, just saying it’s overkill right now. :+1:

What can I say, I watch the power meter. :joy::rofl::joy:


how about now


Ha, no, Cfl’s wouldn’t cut it at that stage.

Love me some Michigan recreational law

new pic

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