Best ilgm seeds?


As the title says I’m looking to purchase more ilgm seeds but I want to know what seeds have potent but high yields ( im a Kush smoker so I would like that gas profile )


Any medical issues?

Day or night?



Once you get to ILGM website, use the filter option high thc. Hope this helps


@bob31 @70sChick day time preferably . I just want a more personal experience than what ilgm website says . They’re pretty accurate but the best feedback is the ones that grew great strains themselves


I have Amnesia Haze growing right now and I have seeds for Blue Dream and Chocolope, though I haven’t tried any of them yet. All three of them have gotten good personal reviews here on the forum!

I have AK47 that is a Sativa hybrid, but it is closer to a 50/50 hybrid imo. Sort of makes me drowsy sometimes…

You can also ready about the strains on leafly


Here’s a little spreadsheet that I found very helpful. It made it easy to refer back to while researching each strain. I’m on my first ILGM grow so I haven’t “tried” any yet. This is one awesome fourm and lots of very helpful people…


@bob31 I have an amnesia haze seed as well but haven’t Germed it yet . I’ll follow your grow . Coming from personal experience . How long was the cure for some of your buds ?


The cure makes all the difference. I have some locally acquired product that I am finishing up and it was not dried and cured as carefully as my personal grow were and you can tell the difference. I also have some Gorilla Glue that will knock your socks off! hahaha whoever grew it did a great job!

I just harvested one gold leaf today that the wet weight was well over a pound. @Terra-cotta

I am more of a sativa user myself so I’m looking forward to the AHA harvest in about 4 weeks!


@bob31 you got over a pound on that GL. That is great. Hope my lady does as well, or even close. She is in her second week now of flower so got at least a month yet. And my OG kush is doing great too. It is getting huge. 2nd week for it too. Lots of tops on it. Got a good side light on it as well and got tops coming out the side. Cool looking.

Looking forward to trying some of both. Been a long time.