Best humidity during drying/harvesting for indoor

I have read conflicting info on what humidity level you should have during the drying/harvest time. When I will be hanging the plants to dry. I have read 40% and up to 60%. I will be drying in my indoor tent that I used to grow. Should I shoot for about 50%? And just monitor closely (oh don’t worry I will! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

One other issue I may also have is temperature. I’m not sure I can get it down to about 64 F which I have read is ideal during drying. My room and tent are at about 70 degrees. Will that be OK or should I try to lower it even more?



There is optimal and then there is reality!

I am drying Blueberry right now. It is 67 degrees and 85 % humidity. I am drying in heavy brown paper bags, opening as often as I can and tossing them good. I will stick a hygrometer in the bag tomorrow to see where I am. Anywhere between 50 and 60 RH and it’s into the jars for curing!

I do have lots of air movement and I am doing the best I can, which is all you can do!

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I have 75 degrees and 60% humidity they seem to be doing well on Day 3


I agree with the others. You should be shooting to get them to about the 60% range. So slightly less than that would be ideal. But there would be a point where they would probably dry too fast, although I’m not sure it would be 40%. Never really had that issue, it’s usually too high. If you cam get it to the 50-60% range I think you’ll be plenty good. If not, that’s not the end of the world either.


I’ve heard that 50f 50rh is the best and I’ve heard 60f and 60 rh is better and like @bob31

Ain’t that the truth couldn’t agree more @bob31

I’m drying now with a 2-2-4 foot tent 2- 6" inline fans and carbon filters almost setting on top the ac vent and I got 58 rh and 65 f and it moves if someone moves the thermostat getting it prefect is very hard and or expensive. Learn as much as you can and give it a try or two and you’ll learn how to get better.


Yup, that’s what I’ve done, read, read, read, and learned a lot from this site.


Yup, gardening is always an experimental adventure. :slight_smile:

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@SativaLover I dry around 60-65 % and cure around 55% as @bob31said in a ideal world
I run Ac and humidifier as needed to try and maintain my humidity in those ranges the paper bag trick helps in high humidity situations :+1:


@SativaLover I try and keep my humidity around %60 when possible. Seems to be the best humidity for drying in my opinion.