Best HPS bulbs?

I’m going to order some extra bulbs for my 600W setup as I noticed some excessive flickering on fire up today, and don’t want to be without a replacement on hand. Any advice as to bulbs to purchase? I’ve found mixed reviews everywhere as to whether to purchase cheaper brands, or too spend for name. Are the the more expensive bulbs worth the cost? The bulb I have came with my setup and is Vivosun. It’s crazy bright and the plants seem to love it, but only couple hundred hours on it and is flickering on startup. But can be purchased for $15.

I really think it comes down to the common denominator…you’ll get what you pay for. Now for me, I don’t mind paying $15 for a bulb that isn’t the best quality, because regardless even if it was the best bulb ever made, it would still have to be replaced after a year. They all lose lumen output over time, so that’s the real factor I think about when buying bulbs. I bought 2 extra bulbs just in case, for $30 total. After 4 months I decided I’d just switch bulbs out because of the lumen lose. I still have an extra, and none have blown. I buy the cheaper bulbs, and haven’t had any problems so far. But then again, I don’t know what I’m missing because I’ve never purchased a more expensive one yet.


That’s kinda what I’m thinking too. But would like to hear if anyone has tried more expensive bulbs like Hortilux or Ushios. Curious if they really make a difference in growth.

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My fav is the Philips SON-T AGRO it works well and doesn’t make every thing yellow :slight_smile:
I have gotten some really top notch buds from this lamp and works well in veg too.

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Cool Thx for the tip! I’ll check em out.

Once again I’m with @ktreez420 I have t agree with him nice explanation.



Just some info from our Science Office MacGyverStoner

6400K, not lum. 6400K and 2700K, ‘K’ is short for Kelvins, it is a “temperature” color rating, not at all the same a lumens.

In general, the lower the number, the more yellow, orange or red-ish the light is, and the higher, the more blue.
If you use both for flower which is perfectly fine
2700k is redder, and is for flowering, and 6400K is blue-er and for veg.

You would keep the 6400K close to the plant for most of the veg period, and then add the 2700K light when the switch to flower begins, with both lights relatively close but equal distant to the canopy.

happy growing,
By MacGyvetzStoner Science Officer
Posted by Gsrtigan62


Will . it sounds goog to me as it turned out these are the two spectrums i own and using now, mine are solis teck bulbs and ballsist . ps did you get my PM on this equipment ??? Hammer.

I don’t see it. I checked going back away’s. Sorry my friend.

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