Best Heater in Winter months?


what type heaters is best ?


i use this in a 16’by6’ enclosure…
stays 71f at night on low
i’m in the mid-south

Planning My Second Grow

In addition to the heater, consider recycling the exhaust air back into the tent. @beginner2d


Are you not returning lower CO2 levels to the tent by doing this? Or are you suggesting a partial return?


@nostril Co2 is a pretty abundant in the atmosphere, as long as you keep air moving, (not stagnant) the exchange will still happen. This is a few plants in a tent. Commercial growing this factor would change.
If you wanted to spend extra money for the ability to regulate fresh air exchange that could be done as well. I just suggested the most affordable option.


CO2 would not be a concern, but humidity could be. Especially late in the bloom phase.


Thanks. I’d considered doing this in my setup but it felt a bit like having no circulation at all. Or, at a minimum, equivalent to having a fan or two blowing the canopy and no recirc. I’m not sure how it differs except maybe that it circulates bottom to top more effectively.


can you get me full name to search?


honeywell 360 surround heater…
wally world 25$


yeea i found it , haha, im not in USA. But i can see … very descent space heater, nice features. Is this heat up medium room as well, like 80squarefeet /8squaremeter. aaaaah only in USA and posttaxes are 3as much this heater cost is :s:s:s


sorry @beginner2d


If you are using an air cooled fixture draw fresh air from outside your tent through your light and back into your tent at the bottom that will give you warm fresh air and have second fan to exhaust tent use speed controllers to maintain neg pressure you will maintain the same co2 levels as you had in the first place @nostril and you can still help control humidity levels with exhaust fan


I think when recycling air you have to consider a few elements. How much of the ambient co2 are you using, usually a reference to your lighting. Are you introducing any fresh air at all. As in not just running a duct directly from your exhaust back to your inlet. If you exhaust to a room and then pull from the same room there’s a pretty good chance some level of fresh air is being introduced.

Even the amount of time you spend in the area where intake pulls air can raise ambient co2 levels.


I perfer this style heater it imo is tbe safest way to heat using a portable heater

Anything with a glowing coil can combust materials
These oil filled types never get that warm


If you wish to recycle the air i would just exhaut into room if in a tent or adjacent room that intake air is drawing from you’ll want to have some fresh air mixing with exhaust as @dbrn32 mentioned


Another good thing about those oil filled radiators vs forced air is that they’re more energy efficient, especially for small spaces like tents.


That is a good info. I have limited energy usage. Mu grow room is a 2sqmeters and room where grow R is it 6 M2. But in blooming time i need let dryier (colder) - 10C outside air come in. I open a door, little crack and humidity goin that way norm. I have right now this

This give me directed air Flow with extracting colder air. I hope you understand my makarooni english. But warmer days i think little oil filled radiator is nice. How are humidity levels with oil filled R’s?


I would guess that radiators wouldn’t lower humidity as much as forced air, but I am unsure.

One thing I’m doing is the following. My exhaust is the foil vent, the intake is the metal flex. So while I’m recycling some of the air, not all is returning to the tent. No metrics on how that’s working for now, but you get the idea.