Best guess on Harvest timeline

GSCE auto

What do you guys think. First grow and trying to get it right. I was thinking this upcoming weekend. Will be a little over 12 weeks.


Looking like any day now. Congrats on successful grow!


It all depends how you like it.


I think I will harvest on Easter Sunday. That gives it almost another week, and at that point it’s close to 13 weeks from the time I planted it maybe 15 weeks from seed germination.

Question… I watered today, does anyone let it dry right out before cutting it down? Usually it takes about a gallon and a half with about 8 cups of runoff every 3 days. If I let it go 6 would it produce more resin? I thought I read that on here that when it’s short on water it try’s to lock as much in by producing resin. Is that true?

No more water. Let it go until 25% moisture is left. If you prefer. Give her a 48 hr dark period. Some say that the dark period boosts trichomes and then chop it and hang her up!

I agree any day now she will be ready have u started ur flush for a week

Not yet, but I will on Wednesday and let her dry out until Sunday. Will shut down lights on Friday morning and cut down on Sunday.

What a fun experience it has been, like a mad scientist since January, measuring, mixing, testing, and watching it grow. I can’t wait to finish it up, weigh it jar it, and of course smoke it.


That sounds about right to me.

Here it is drying. Chopped last night


Looks like she treated you good and will continue for a while. What an amazing feeling to get that first harvest! Congrats :tada:

So dried and out in jars. It seems like it had dried a little too much. I add 62% packs to 6 mason jars. The over dried buds came in at a little over 6oz. I’m hoping once it hits the right humidity it will way just a little more.

Not bad for my very first attempt at this :sunglasses::nerd_face: