Best grow tent?

I’m going to purchase a Complete Grow Tent but not sure what kind. Any suggestions? I can’t spend too much. Thanks

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Don’t need the best tent only an ok one , vivosun it’s ok it does the job and cheeper that main brand , best advised invest most of your money in the actual light , have you ever grown a plant from seed ? Best starter advised start growing stuff so you don’t start from 0 when your set up arrives


Mars Hydro has a complete setup on Amazon that includes their TS/TSW line of lights… decent equipment overall for the price.


If money is not a problem Gorilla is one of the best but as was said the light and ventilation is what you should spend your money on


Good subjection, yeah you don’t want to go all out and figure out mid way you ain’t gonna stick to it , I started with 1 Mars Hydro ts 600 ,if you wanna check out my posts , fairly new grower with low budget and small space, if your interested


Yea i have a vivosun 4x2 with a ts1000 and a sf1000. Lights are where u wanna spend more and good genetics


Dont do tent kits. Not worth it. Find everything seperate u need. U pay most in a tent kit for a crappy light. Buy a cheaper tent the size u want and invest in light for it. Not cheap. If u go cheap u get cheap.buds ive learned that and cheap (small airy) will make u wanna give up. I have 10 blurples and 4 sets of 240 w qb boards sitting around wasted money. Vet a good light to start


Vivosun 4x4 with the 8” carbon exhaust and filters on eBay for less than $300. Fan and exhaust is great but the tent is good for a starter! Get a great light! I also have several blurples taking up space! Oh ya don’t go cheap on a light…:sunglasses::v:

Good timing. Just set up my new gorilla 2x4x6’11" today. Compared to the vivosun I just took down their is no comparison in quality. None in price either. But I like the gorilla better (built like a tank). Plumbed it all up and am doing a light test tonight. The old vivosun was like a planetarium in my room.


My buds have Always been Airy on Every grow!!! On this grow I added a CMH 315w and I can tell just a little bit. I’m going to be looking around for the parts needed to build an economical Good tent. Thanks for your help :blush:

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Good solid leds will change the airy buds. Cmh might do u better also but a good set of samsung diodes and a meanwell driver is where to start looking for a good light. I went thru alot of light to get to where i am right now lol. 10 blurples and 4 240w enfun qb boards later i finally listened and got all hlg stuff and i wont change now unless one breaks and i have to upgrade :laughing:

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Welcome to the community ! what’s your budget and what size space are you wanting to grow in. Lots of experienced Growers here to help you choose a light that will fit your budget . I do feel like a tent is the quickest way to get up and running and they get the job done.

AC infinity came out with an even thicker canvas grow tent then gorilla grow tents that even comes with a mounting bracket on the outside for your temp controllers and such best part is its not much more then a vivosun of the same size and id start out with 600W HID complete kit for lighting untill you have enough money and have done all the research for a proper LED and for ventilation just keep away from booster fans and stick to the inline fans and you should be good if your only going with a smaller tent so far vivosun has been pretty reliable for me

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I always grow from seed. I’ve read Several times Not to buy a “Complete” tent because they will not give you the correct lights, etc… I’m going to have to do some more research. I already have what I think is a good light:

4.1 out of 5 stars 70Reviews

MIXJOY 315W Ceramic Metal Halide CMH/CDM Grow Light Kit, ETL Listed, High-Reflectivity Aluminum Hood, 120-240V Ballast, Full-Spectrum CMH Hydroponic Grow Light and Suspension System… What do you think???

You can buy everything independently, don’t have to be a kit , if you just want a tent you can buy just that , buy the light you like on the side


I would only use this type of light of I live in a really cold place - due to the high heat output

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Yes, please send it to me.
Thanks :+1:

I’ve had Airy buds just about Every grow!!! That’s because I don’t have a Great setup, Unfortunately!! I’ll buy things separately and get help from all of you and a family member. Thanks everyone for sharing :heavy_heart_exclamation::pray::relieved:

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