Best grow medium for Autos

I just ordered 5 ILGM Auto skunk seeds, I read Autos preferred lighter soils and fewer mutes, first grow I did was WW FFHF, worried it might be to hot, anyone got any experience in this area Id appreciate your opinion Thx and happy growing.

Happy frog should be fine.


I use depleted soil from the last grow with worm castings added when I plant autos. They can be finicky. I use Rapid Rooter pods and Rapid Start solution to give them the best chance to grow right. Since I started using them I’ve seen better results @Randy1966


Thx @skgrower, got seeds in paper towel now , hope to find those items tomorrow, shit everything gone Christmas here already lol if I can’t find then in time, I’ve got them set up to go in fist size ball of Coco coir in center of 5 gallon bucket of ffhf.

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Thx @Familyman, this is the same medium I used for my we fem grow, but this time I added 20% Coco coir, 10% periolite .think I’m gonna add root booster to it.