Best grow lights!

Best opinion for grow light. If you join please try and be specific on why the light is best in your opinion. No wrong answer here or debates, just pure personal preference!


Or some Luxx HPS


I really enjoy my 2x 315 Watt CMH all in one ballast and Hoods. I used to use thousand watt HPS and metal halide but the heat was hard to deal with for me, they gave off a lot of heat. And the electric bill kind of stunk. My CMHs give off heat but nothing like the metal halides and HPS. The electric bill is a lot more palatable now that I switch to CMH too. Haha I find that my buds grow just as well as my other light setup and I seem to have noticed that switching to CMHs my buds have become a lot more stinky/ sticky and resinous. Don’t know if that’s a fact or not but I think it did get better. One other thing I almost forgot the CMH is that I switch to (Philips 3k agro bulbs) last for around 20,000 hours I believe it said. So that will probably last me a while. Anyway happy growing and enjoy! :deciduous_tree::+1:t2:


Do you have link to the 315w grow lights you use?

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I’m sorry I do not have a link to the lights that I have I got them from my local grow shop a few years back. I believe they are made from a smallish company called Vanquish Lighting systems. I have the 315 lights that are considered all-in-one as in the ballast and hood are together. I really enjoy using them. Good luck I hope you find something you’re happy with!