Best Germination Process For Auto's

Alright Guy’s bear with me and don’t laugh to hard because I’m brand new to hydroponics and need all the help I can get. I have a 3’ 4.0 Cash Crop Grow Box and some AK-47 Auto’s. What I need to know is can I just put my seeds in the Organic Starter Plugs that came with the grow box and get started or do I have to Germinate the Seed in another way before putting them in the starter plugs in the box? I’m hoping I can just put them in the Starter Plugs and put them in the Box and begin the process. If that is possible do I just use Distilled Water for the Germination Process or do I go ahead and add Nutrients right then and would I use Light or No Light while waiting for them to pop? Thanks for any help and advice you can give me on this because needless to say I’m ready to get started and need some guidance…

Ok, so you could either put the seed directly into the plug, and let it sprout it that way. Or, what I just did, was germinated 2 seeds in paper towel (paper towel germination method). When they cracked the seed, I took 2 plugs that I had sitting in 5.8 pH water, and gently ripped them open. I then gently place the germinated seed into the plug, and closed it around the seed. Today when I checked, they both had sprouted from the plug and grew about 4" overnight!

But! You’re not supposed to put the plug/rockwool into your hydro setup until the roots have grown out from the bottom and sides of your plug/rockwool. I’m not sure how the cash crop boxes work, but for DWC buckets you want a seedling to have roots growing out from the plug/rockwool, before putting into the system for veg.

Maybe someone with a cash crop box will chime in, but I’d keep searching the internet if I were you. The box itself didn’t come with instructions?

The instructions were a little vague but it walks you through the set up of the box and at the end of those instructions it say’s “Carefully Place Your Seeds Into The Starter Plugs”.

Starter plugs can be rockwool or Rapid Rooter plugs google either and see if this is what you need? Rapid rooter plugs are good in hydro and soil but you start plants the same way you germinate and sprout the plugs in a tray under lights and with a dome. I start my seeds in plugs soaked in 5.8 ph’d water I pull them out of the water add seed and place them in tray with dome I leave them out of soil or hydro until I see roots lots of them protruding from bottom of plug. This can be a week or more but worth the wait to be sure they are ready to start veg

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I always use 1.5" rock wool cubes. Excellent results.

Alright what I have are Organic Starter Plugs that came with the Box. So I take the Starter Plug soak it in 5.8 ph’d water wait for them to attain good roots and then place them in the Grow Box? Do I use Light at this time and if so is the type of Lighting during the Germinating process important? Thanks Again

yes you use light 18 on 6 off and cfl t5 or diffused mh they don’t need super intense lighting but too little and they stretch I use a t5 but also have used my mh at a distance

I use the light suring the Germination process?

You use the light once the seed has sprouted from your plug. But I guess technically you could have it on while its germinating, since the plug will be protecting the seed from light. But to be safe, I’d say leave it off until the seed sprouts, then turn it on.

Hmm big difference in 18 On 6 Off to No Light at all???

You’re making this more difficult than it needs to be dude. Put the seed in the plug and when it sprouts turn on the light. Done.

Thanks Dude for your input.

No problem! Sometimes things get confusing, or we make them confusing because we don’t want to mess up or do something wrong. But in your case, you have an awesome little box that should really help cultivating some quality nugs! I would have been cautious with setting it up as well haha

This is my first grow and I just wanna make sure I do all the right things nothing more nothing less and if it means I have to ask dumb questions I will do it in hope of folkes understanding why. Thanks again…

One more question. Should I kick on the Air Stone during Germination?

Absolutely, highly aerated/oxygenated water is vital to a healthy seedling in DWC.


And the Fan?

I don’t really know much about these boxes specifically. That is something you could check with Dealzer for details.

But generally, yes you want a gentle breeze on seedlings, it helps them strengthen their stems and helps fresh CO2 rich air flow over their leaves.


Thanks MacGyver. Don’t know if you knew it or not but we are talking about running the fan during Germination. Thanks.

Oh wait, you said germination, maybe not for a bit, you probably wouldn’t need much air exchange or much air movement in the box before the spout is a bit above the surface. And so again, I’d check with dealzer, but certainly once the seedling is up and growing.