Best fox farm soil for a newbie

From a fellow grower: I’ve heard a lot about Foxfarm but I’m to understand there are three main soils most uses for growing flower. Ocean Forest, Happy Frog and Strawberry Fields which S F I think is mostly coco coir?

Is there a preference you have for someone who is still kind of new but starting to expand with my grows?


Fox Farm has many soil/coco products, but these are the most commonly used by marijuana growers:

Light Warrior - a nutrient-free soil intended just for seedlings
Happy Frog - a medium-nutrient soil
Ocean Forest - a nutrient-rich soil

When the plant is just a seedling, it can’t handle(and doesn’t need) a lot of nutrients, which is why the Light Warrior product exists. As it matures, it can handle more nutrients.

People most commonly just use Light Warrior and then transplant into Ocean Forest. You can do a two-layer soil combination so the roots grow into the Ocean Forest as it matures.

With the Ocean Forest soil, you shouldn’t need to give your plant any nutrients until it is well into the flowering stage.

Not that you have to do this, but I will just show you an example of how I layer all three soils:


If you are going to start with just one then I recommend Happy Frog.
Will be ok from start to finish.
You will need to feed after a month or so, but you will have to do that with any grow except Super Soil setups.


Well said!!!

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I personally use FFOF and my plants show it can grow killer weed.


I’ve used Ocean Forest and Happy Frog, and I would recommend the latter for a newer grower. FFOF is a little hot for seedlings and young vegging plants, but excellent to pot up into for established plants. I’ve also used FFHF start to finish, just need to feed sooner is all, like @Spiney_norman said (Happy Anniversary!) I have had a seedling or two react poorly to Happy Frog briefly, but they adjusted and picked right back up fairly quickly. I would recommend adding at least 1/4 to 1/3 perlite to the mix to help with aeration and drainage.



I am new too. I use FF soil. dont take my word for it but I read somewhere that the nutes are used up in FFOF after x amount of time I think it was 6weks? I am not sure.

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I used your method for planting after I saw this post earlier. thanks

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@pptrsha1 When the FFOF is brand new, it does have enough nutrients for the first 30 days no problem. But it don’t last overly long.

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thank you one , one more thing I took for granted.

Ffof is badass just get the ff nutes to go along with it and use the nutrients sparingly

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Bottom pot ff strawberry fields w/ 20% perlite
Top pot 50/50 mix ff happy frog & ocean forest!

I’m only on my second grow, but I use happy frog for seedlings. And then when I transplant I do so into a mix of HF, OF, coco coir, perlite, and earthworm castings. Sprinkle some great white into hole when transplanting and alls good. And I feed nutrients from the start, usually the common FF Trio with the addition of beasty blooms when at appropriate stage. Never had any issues, and it couldn’t have been easier.