Best for sleep that you have found

i need something to knock me out , i have a lot of trouble sleeping , what is the best auto flower for sleep , thank you all for the help vern

Buddah seeds purple kush
Finding autos for this is harder than photos

Could try soma seeds northern berry to they are the most sleepy rated autos I have ever found

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Any indica harvested with plenty of amber among the trichomes should do the trick.

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I’ve got some blueberry that I let sit longer than the rest. Knocks me on my ass and out like a light

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Make home made gummies I had severe sleep Apnea 77 interruptions per hour I subconsciously take of cpap within 5 minutes doc said throat to small couldn’t help I used to always feel tired now I sleep silently and peacefully now according to my wife feel 100% better gummies one night gorilla glue smoke every other and edible knock me out. No matter indica or sativa just potent good luck with your search and auto are ok but not as easy as photo period plants to grow :v:

A 6 foot redhead always worked for me.


i just want to grow 2 inside

That’s what I do in a 30x30 inch coat closet we went legal July 1 the state doubled my plant count but I only need 2 it’s more than I cconsume my last haul was about 17 oz dry I don’t grow Perpetual three grows per. Year

Chocolate chip cookies made from ILGM LSD works wonders for me, was not auto, but they do have auto’s.

There is a website called compare the strain

You can take any strain anyone recommends to you and enter it to see how it compared to the ones I recommend, well not any strain but alot and they are adding strains all the time you can also request them to add strains.

Letting a decent amount of Amber build up will help but having a wicked strain to start is key.


Don’t smoke. Eat edibles always make me sleepy

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thats just what i do 2 inside in cold weather , and 6 outside in summer