Best fertilizer for flowering period

Hello, my friends and dear garrigan please guide me.
What is the best NPK fertilizer for the flowering period?
12,36,36 is better or 10,52,10 or something else?
My variety: Northern lights, Super silver haze, Super lemon haze



It’s " SCOTTS SUPPER BLOOM " I started using it on my last grow and it blew me away. I just put my second grow of The Fruity Pack into flower and their in their 3rd week of flower and you would not believe the bud growth on these plants. I have started to tie the limbs cause there so dam heavy with buds. By the time there ready for harvest no telling how heavy they will be.
I’ll post a pic tomorrow for ya and you;ll see for your self. By the way Scotts is…12 - 55 -6

and here is a link to it…


Thanks dear garrigan. I would be grateful if you answer my other few questions.
I’m in Iran and unfortunately I can not buy from Amazon. I have 35 plants.
1- How many litters do I need? Please tell me because I have to send money to my friends in other countries that they buy and send for me.

2- If I can not get this item, is [10.52.10] a good option for me?

3- For each of my breeds, The last fertilizer that I gave, was 18 days ago and it was NPK [20 20]. I can not figure out exactly when to start flowering. I planted all three of my strains at a time. Please help me and tell me super silver haze and super lemon haze comes to flowering what days after the Northern lights?



Yes this will work for you…, is [10.52.10] a good option for me?

Doesn’t the plant need potassium more than phosphorus during flowering? Of course, I know that phosphorus is better at the beginning of flowering and for bloom and potassium is better for later. Give I 12-36-36 to the northern lights and 10-52-10 to my super silver hazes and super lemon hazes ? Given that the northern lights started flowering about 14 days and super haze has recently started to flower.

And, Should NPK be organic and liquid? Or it is best that use fertilizer in the liquid form) And there is no big difference if fertilizer is powder form.

Friends, I need your help. I would be grateful if any of you can help me and share your experiences with me.

@garrigan62 I am curious to know the answer to his question as well

You answered your own question…Of course, I know that phosphorus is better at the beginning of flowering and for bloom and potassium is better for later.
And licquid is much quicker than powder, but that’s up to the grower what he or she uses ok


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