Best Fans, Heater?

So, I stopped fighting it and went ahead and got LED lighting (a Mars Hydro TSW2000).
In a 3x4x6 closet what fans and heater to use with it that is affordable and most of all very cheap on energy usage? The closet is in the basement and the ambient temp range is high 50s F to mid 60s F. Oh and I’m not set up for an exhaust system.

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Can’t go wrong with AC infinity


@Squatch 700 watt oil filled radiator heater works great in my basement 4x4s. I control them with inkbird temperature controllers. Ac infinity if/when you add exhaust. Their fans would be good.

Your light will put off heat when it’s on, and with your ambient temp, you may be ok. I’d try it before running a heater. They add a big monthly expense. Especially those radiant heaters. I tried one once, and it added $30 a month, and that was a few years ago. Electricity is even higher now.

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I’d run that sucker all day then that’s dirt cheap. I’m buying $100 half’s every week. I’m sure I can spare an extra $120 bucks to grow my own


In the winter I run autos that way I can run 20/4 using the lights to heat the space have lights off in the middle of the day when it’s warmest in the house I can avoid using heat in the tent

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