Best fan & filter

I need some solod advice on a fan and filter. Please post links from Amazon with your recomendations :slight_smile:

Tent size : 4ft ร—4 ft ร— 6.5ft
Most important to me: smell elemination and quiet

What is the best fan and filter combo for my situation?

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Based on your needs I would go with ac infinity or hyperfan 6" models. The ac infinity is available with speed control s6 model, or a temp/humidity controller t6 model. The hyperfan comes with a speed controller and has temp controller available at additional cost. Both fans are DC powered mixed flow fans. Much more quiet and efficient than typical ac powered duct fans, and the speed control of dc fans is way better.

I always buy phresh brand filters. They are a little pricey, but I know they work well. If they werenโ€™t available I would likely go with mountain air. Just be sure that filter cfm rating meets or exceeds that if your fan. I usually buy filter rated higher than what is needed.


dbrn32, thank you SO much for this. I appreciate the response!

I think iโ€™ll go with a ac infinity & phresh combo.


Hard to go wrong imo. Try to limit your duct length and amount of bends and you should be set.


I also vote for the 6 in fan. You can run it at a lower speed which will be quieter. The phresh carbon filter great choice does excellent job eliminating smell and odor. I have tried cheaper filters personally waste of money. Good luck