Best energizing weed for beginner grower

Hi Everyone. I am just starting to get everything I need to grow and I am looking for a good weed for energy…something to start the day and get all the stuff done that I need done. I don’t need something to help me relax or fall asleep or make me hungry. I can do that no problem!! I have only rarely used pot and that was way back in college. If it is an autoflower that would be all the better!!

Hello @freemanimal and welcome to the community! Nice question you have there! My 2 cents wud lead you to some of ILGMs White Widow Autoflower as it is a well balanced hybrid that is very easy to grow and provides a beautiful boost to your day! Very energetic strain which provides alot of creativity to boot!!

Hope it helps with your desicions….feel free to ask us any questions you may have!!! Best of luck🤩


Agree w/@Northerngreenthumb - :slight_smile:
Also keep in mind strains hit different people in different ways.

Here is a good list. Many of these come in auto varieties. Best Sativa Strains for Energy - Boost Your Activity With These Strains!

Happy growing!

Just here to agree with that WW Auto. Amazing strain.

Also ive heard the Maui Wowie is too notch as well and its pretty sativa leaning.

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Thanks for the help!

Thanks! I will look into that one.

Best energy strains so far ive grown are zkittles, bubblegum, lemon mimosa , tangerine dream, and maybe Mexican airline( it’s more of an all around fun high though)

Your best option si to study how you want to grow, and what you think you want to grow.

Different strains grow to different heigth or derh. If you have an idea of what you need, we can help advise you…

What does everyone think of Chocolope. It seems that it fits my needs except it is not an autoflower. I have the white widow on my wish list but I need a second strain. I will be growing indoors in a small corner of a room.

@raustin (god i miss her!!) used to LOVE that strain. It was her got to for daytime smoke. I believe she kept one in the tent at all times. Her seal of approval is worth volumes.

Super lemon haze sounds great AND it is an autoflower. Anyone have experience with this?