Best digital camera for less than 1000 usd?

Looking fo a great bad ass camera to take close ups with, and tips appreciated;):facepunch:


Maybe a decent camera and a bad a$$ lens designed for close ups?


You could get a used DSLR at a good price now, like a Nikon D7100 or D7200, and look to get a macro lens for closeup work. Not familiar with high end point and shoots and what macro capabilities they may have. But if you get a removable lens make sure it is macro which will allow you to get close. Be advised that macro photography also requires a sturdy tripod to eliminate camera shake.

You can also use extension tubes on regular lenses which work good but then again xtra cost.


Ya we can get the Cannon rebel 4k for 800 cdn it’s on for 400 off for a CPL days, any opinions ? @Lynyrdsky & @FlxerPower

Looking at the t8i I think

Should be a good camera for you. Be sure to leave enough change for good glass, will make all the difference for good pics. Not sure if you are getting a kit lens with the body or not. Will still need a macro lens if you want real good closeups.

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