Best dehumidifier for a 4x4 grow space?

Room temp on point. I apologize for derailing your thread.

i like the fans bc @27C the fan kicks in.
its all good im going to wait til the ducting and t8 comes in apparently it can control humidity same way it controls temp. @NewYep

@mylestrades Hey, what did you decide finally? Probably, it’s too late but an RV dehumidifier is the best decision here. I hope that this https :// professional review will be helpful for you

Sorry for being way out dated. Would you suggests anything in the 100 150 rang ? 4X4X8 OR 7’
Dehumidifier that is . I need it just for a incase , i would like to set it though, i am returning one that was way small and didnt have a setting to pick 39 bucks though.


bigger is best

@bill66 so the fan on the back is blowing air into or out of the tent? New myself and just trying to learn about air intake and such

I searched the forum for portable AC posts and came across yours. It contained a link to amazon for a Whynter 14SH portable AC. I am looking for one and wondering if you would still recommend the unit. Combined space is about 200 sq ft. 1 tent, 1 closet. Thanks

I’m really happy with my unit, the heater I don’t use .it runs the AC in reverse to get heat. They should’ve incorporated a independent heater. But in a jam , the heater works.

I know in my veg tent 4x4x6.5 (running ac infinity t4) I struggle to keep humidity at a good level its always above or below what it needs and I see very little improvement when upping the fan speed. Now it currently sits at a 7 out of 10 and the tent still has the same problems. Not so much an issue in veg but more so in flower. My flower tent 4x8x6.5gt has a ac infinity t6 much much better and I had humidity issues still so I got a dehumidifier. BTW its super hard to find a dehumidifier thats small with a auto drain system so your always emptying the reservoir which on bigger tanks can be heavy as hell and hard to maneuver if your crammed for space already so you mine as well spend the extra cash to get an auto or continuous drain system. But like others said I got the dehumidifier and then my temp in the tent was almost at 88 everyday because they exhaust into your tent. So then I ponied up again and dropped about $560 on the ac unit i have now which also btw doesn’t work well at all as a dehumidifier amd sucks down electric but works awesome as an actual ac unit. But this is all very expensive if your not committed to the hobby but just my thoughts

My biggest complaint on the ac unit is that you can not adjust humidity levels it just has a humidity setting that sets the ac on a constant 66 degrees (can’t be adjusted) and turns on and off intermediately to “combat humidity levels” but it doesn’t work worth jack to control humidity just temp

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Is there an ac unite that also dehumidifier at the same time ???

There are multiple but you can not control the humidity separately on any I’ve seen its just a mode you can put it in. Last time I tried this my temp and humidity was at 60°F and 82%RH so I never really tried it again after that and just bought a seperate dehumidifier unit. The dehumidifier mode on my ac unit did not allow me to adjust the ac temp so thats also a big factor as to why I never use it in that mode as well

I use a programmable 50 pint in my basement where my tent is located. If I set it at 55% I drop my tent’s RH into the 40s - so I have to watch it on a daily basis. It drains by hose to a floor drain. And I exhaust directly outdoors and I do not run a filter in the tent. I’m out in the country…