Best dehumidifier for a 4x4 grow space?

6inch would be fine. 8 would be even better but six will work forsure. Always better to not size down. More flow the better!

Thank you for your advice, I ordered a 8” hose per your recommendation!

Good choice. I run a t4 for my intake which makes up for my 4inch intake. And i run the slightest bit of negative pressure to make sure my air flow is in harmony and no smells indoors if that makes sense. Seems to be working for me. You’ll get it dialed soon and things will get easier with less worry! You’ll be able to tell when you pop your head in if the air smells fresh or stagnant…aim for fresh and all well be well! Keep them girls happy and you’ll be happy too! Same thing as happy wife = happy life lol!

What a difference this made. The 8” hose intake brings in so much more air than the vents… the tent walls are noticeably tighter and so far I am running steady temps and rH at a lower fan speed.

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If your running a 8" fan and ventilation from the tent to the duct fan to the window do you even need a carbon filter??? @R0ck

Awesome! Good to hear. Off to the races now!

Sorry I forgot to reply, dude.

I have a 6” AC Infinity exhausting the air out of the tent. Until last night, I was using the tents 2 vents for intake… what I did is close those and instead connected just an 8” hose to the bottom of the tent.

yea… i want to run a 8’’ fan and ducting to push the air out of the tent thru a window thats close by. I dont think I need a carbon filter because id be placing the filter inside the tent and that makes no sense when im running the exhaust out of the window.

im hanging the inline fan from the top of the tent most likely so im going to run the vent out of the top of the tent not the bottom.


My max humidity was at 95rh and it stayed there for two days. I have 9 vegging plants in a 3 x 3. I moved my tent out of my closet, but it only reduced the rh to high 80s. I rather spend my money on a better tent and better exhaust than buying an expensive dehumidifier. I just want to push buying those off. I got a really shitty exhaust that came with the 5 foot tall tent. Should I remove the carbon filter from the ducting to lower RH? Also, I have a really, really, long ducting. I should cut it, right? Thanks a lot for being there for us.

Sounds like rh of your intake air may be a little high? Extremely difficult to get tent lower than that. You definitely want any duct as short as possible too. What are you using for intake? Maybe a little larger intake would help too?

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I have an exhaust and 3 fans. I don’t have an intake fan. Do you have a suggestion for an intake fan $50 - $100 for my situation? Thanks!

i traded my t4 for a t8 inline fan. i have hard time controlling humidity with my t4. 9 plants in a 3x3 space doesnt sound the same. id look into a bigger space. definatly upgrade to a bigger work space. or minimize the number of plants in your tent. im starting off with 1 because i want to see how easy my work space is then you can add more plants later. i got my lights running off timers and using 3 extension cords to make it easy as possible to move stuff around.

9 plants in a 3x3 space… is a little much dont ya think? idunno… just a suggestion. alot of ppl build grow rooms but a room is much bigger then a tent and costs less to use and its all an investment. you can always sell it if you dont like it.

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I’m transplanting them soon, and will only keep 4 plants. I cut my duct. I then straightened out and a lot of water came out.

Maybe, what size is your passive intake?

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if it was me id invest in a tent and a ac infinity inline fan. @New

it’s 4 inches, but I don’t think I have room for it. If I do that’d be great!

Should I just leave my tent door open. That would give me a 60ish rh. I’ll apply neem oil for bugs.

I could get the gorilla 3 x 3 tent in 2ish weeks. It’ll come and then I’ll switch to 12/12. Any cheap but effective exhaust and inline fans you could recommend for the gorilla tent?

so you’re running an exhaust without any way for fresh air to get in? Can’t do that for long.

Yeah, thanks for the tip. I’ll leave the door open and make sure I get an intake in my next tent. Thanks!

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You don’t need an intake fan, just a way for air to get in. Open the the duct port and put a piece of duct in or something.


i dont understand why you wouldnt need a inline fan… thats your ventilation. i run mine from the inside of my tent to a window. it cleans the air.
it sends old air outside. the inline is the ventilation. controls the temp/humidity.
why wouldnt he need an inline fan?
but id clean up the wiring if it was me. looks un orginized. get a ac infinity inline fan. youll be happy you did… specially if your having problems controlling your room temp… @NewYep